Colorado Dog Gets Stoned for Days After Ingesting Marijuana

Dog ingests marijuana and exhibits bizarre behavior.

Katherine Edwards took her dog Bodhi for a walk on Tuesday night and hours later, he began acting bizarrely. "His behavior was so drastic, so scary," she told NBC 11. "He lost control of his bowels all over the house. He started seizing, twitching.”

When his symptoms worsened by early Wednesday morning, she took him to the Denver Animal Hospital for treatment. "It looked like he was dying," she said. "I was crying so hard, I said please save my dog, I cannot lose this dog."

Having witnessed similar cases, Dr. Dan Burman immediately knew what had been plaguing Bodhi’s health—he was stoned. Apparently, the five-year-old canine ingested a marijuana-laced treat during his walk at the park. "The biggest thing: the bizarre behavior," he said. "Like if one of your friends was stoned you might see similar bizarre-like behavior."

Since then, Bodhi seems to be finally settling down and Edwards is in much better spirits. "Totally stoned,” she joked. “I should have taken him to Taco Bell." She says she plans to watch him more carefully and the same should go for other pet owners. According to Dr. Burman, the number of dogs ingesting pot increased after Colorado legalized the substance in 2013. "Dogs will eat anything that seem edible to them.”

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