Colorado Fire Officials Announce New Tactics In Fighting Wildfires This Year

Colorado fire officials are bracing for a challenging year of fighting wildfires after a record year in 2020.

Video Transcript

- Colorado bracing for a challenging wildfire season.

- Last year we set a record for destruction. It was a rough one. Had three of the largest wildfires in the state's history. Meteorologist Dave Aguilera now reporting on what the state is doing to prepare for this season. Dave also has the latest on our longstanding drought situation.

DAVE AGUILERA: Well, despite that little moisture we had on Tuesday, the new drought monitor came out today and it's the same as last week, no change. Denver and most of Eastern Colorado is in moderate to severe drought still, and all of Western Colorado is still in extreme to exceptional drought. And Governor Polis says the drought is making fire conditions even worse.

GOV. JARED POLIS: Colorado used to talk about a fire season. It's now a year-round phenomenon, right? I mean, here we are going into essentially our monsoon season, our wettest season. There are already fire incidents across our state.

DAVE AGUILERA: The state has a new helicopter as a resource to fight fires. And this year's plan includes more communication between the agencies that work together to fight wildfires on the ground, and in the air with planes and drones.

MIKE MORGAN: For the first time, we're super excited to say that we've signed agreements with our federal partners where all of the aviation assets will be part of that mutual aid system, to get, you know, those threatening fires, to get them under control as quick as we can.

DAVE AGUILERA: This year is predicted to be a busier than normal fire season, and we've already hit the ground running. We have a red flag warning through this evening across most of Eastern Colorado, Fort Collins, Greeley, Deer Trail, Limon, all the way down to Lamar and Springfield. And even Colorado Springs and Pueblo is included in that.

I'm meteorologist Dave Aguilera.