Colorado First Responders Collecting Money For Boulder Officer Eric Talley's Family

The first responder community in Northern Colorado is coming together to support their fallen peer, Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley, the hero who was killed while trying to stop the King Soopers massacre.

Video Transcript

- First responders in northern Colorado are coming together to support Officer Talley's family, as well. CBS 4's Dillon Thomas joins us live tonight in Weld County. And Dillon, first responders are donating thousands of to Talley's family.

DILLON THOMAS: Kathy, they've already raised tens of thousands of dollars in just the last five days since that tragic shooting took place, most of that money being given by first responders to the family of a man who gave his life, and now they're opening that fundraiser up to the public.

- Working in Longmont, we're very close to Boulder.

DILLON THOMAS: Longmont Police Sergeant, Andy [INAUDIBLE] was on duty when calls to backup Boulder Police at the King Super shooting went out on the radio.

- It's a gut punch. And to hear that there is an officer down inside, there just aren't words really to adequately describe that kind of situation.

DILLON THOMAS: Of the 10 killed, one was a Boulder police officer. Eric Talley, the first officer in the store, was shot and killed.

- Officer Talley gave his life that day to protect others.

DILLON THOMAS: As the community and law enforcement profession mourned the loss of a hero, [INAUDIBLE] and his wife, Sarah, got to work. They run a nonprofit, NoCo Police and Fire Families, which gives back to first responders and their loved ones. Every penny donated to their nonprofit through April 2nd will be given to the Talley family.

- We don't keep a dime of it. In some small way, this time monetarily, we're able to support his family and those that he left behind.

DILLON THOMAS: So far more than $22,000 have been raised mostly from fellow first responder families. As the nonprofit seeks donations from the community, as well, they have one message to send the Talley family.

- We can't imagine the devastation. We can't imagine the loss. There's seven kids without the father now. The law enforcement profession will forever support them. This is our profession coming together, and having each other's backs, and supporting each other, and supporting those left behind.

DILLON THOMAS: If you would like to participate in that fundraiser, we have provided a link on Reporting live in Weld County, Dillon Thomas, covering Colorado first.