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Colorado Frontline Workers To Be Treated To First In-Person Nuggets & Avalanche Games

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Fans will finally be back at Ball Arena to watch the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche in action.

Video Transcript

- This week after more than a year, fans will finally be back at [? Ball Arena ?] able to watch the Nuggets and the Avalanche play. Justin Adams explains the first fans in the door will be front line workers. It's a way to show how much they're appreciated.

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JUSTIN ADAMS: It's been over a year since we heard the roar of the crowd at Ball Arena. That roar will be back as front line workers will be invited to watch the Nuggets play at Ball Arena on Tuesday, and the Avs play on Wednesday. It's a feeling that [? Diver ?] firefighter captain Joshua Odendahl can't wait to experience again.

JOSHUA ODENDAHL: Getting together and actually celebrating something, and that's your home team, seeing them win, and just being a high five. And so we haven't had that interaction in a long time. So I'm looking forward to that.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Earlier this month it was announced that Ball Arena will be opening its doors to fans at a limited capacity, but before the tickets were sold the decision was made for first responders, firefighters, and health care providers to catch the games first.

JOSHUA ODENDAHL: Having us back into the stadiums to be able to see these games, it's a huge honor.

JUSTIN ADAMS: The tickets will be give it to the front line workers and their families as a small token of appreciation for the lives they touch every day.

JOSHUA ODENDAHL: A lot of times people don't see us until they need us, and we kind of get put on that backburner. And we're OK with that. We're here doing our job. But it is nice when we can celebrate as a fire department in the achievements that we've accomplished.

JUSTIN ADAMS: The rest of the fans will be back on April 2nd, but for two nights those whose lives are dedicated to serving us will enjoy a night of the lights on the house.

JOSHUA ODENDAHL: We love our community. And that's part of the reason I became a firefighter is to be part of that community. So this opening up I think it brings everybody together.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Justin Adams, covering Colorado first.

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