Colorado Governor: club shooting an 'act of evil'

STORY: "I feel that same pit in my stomach that so many of you today do, a feeling sadly all too familiar," Polis said in a video appearance during a vigil held at a local church.

"There'll be more information in the next days and hours about who or where or why. But ultimately, there is no answer to the unspeakable act of evil. It really means we must come together, show our love for one another, and how precious life is, and how no matter who you are, who you love, Colorado and America welcomes you and protects everyone," Polis said.

A gunman killed at least five people and injured 25 others inside Club Q before being stopped by "heroic" clubgoers, officials said on Sunday.

Police identified the suspect as Anderson Lee Aldrich, a 22-year-old man, and said he used a "long rifle." He was taken into police custody shortly after the shooting began and was being treated for injuries, according to officials.