Colorado Health Officials Determine Thousands Of First COVID Vaccine Doses Useless At Dr. Moma Clinic

Now thousands are frustrated at the lack of communication from the state about rescheduling their COVID vaccines.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: The state health department will begin a new round of on-site inspections of their vaccine providers. This comes as thousands of Coloradans thought they'd been vaccinated, only to learn they'll need a do-over. They had gotten their shots last week at a clinic in Colorado Springs called Dr. Moma Health and Wellness. But those people are still waiting to get answers about the problem and what comes next for them.

Jeff Todd live, following this chaotic situation. Jeff, the state says it's doing all it can to keep it from happening again.

JEFF TODD: Yeah, Jim. Data shows that there are about 1,300 vaccination providers around the state, and now many of those will be inspected. But for people who now have this invalid vaccine, the state told them they need to wait a few weeks, and then they're on their own to find another appointment.

DARCY STRICKER: It did not look like a medical clinic whatsoever.

JEFF TODD: Darcy Stricker drove from the Denver area to Colorado Springs for her vaccine shot earlier this month. Three days later, she got an email saying it was worthless.

DARCY STRICKER: They said it affected almost 4,000 individuals, and they canceled over 7,000 appointments.

JEFF TODD: The clinic didn't store the vaccine properly.

DARCY STRICKER: I'm nervous and angry, to be honest. I'm angry that they didn't screen the medical department or the medical clinics better.

BECCA TARNOWSKI: We just want to know what actually was found. Were the needles clean?

JEFF TODD: Becca Tarnowski says the whole process has sent her mind racing.

BECCA TARNOWSKI: We are left wondering, and it is causing an undue amount of anxiety and uncertainty. And if they would just share with us what they do know, it would be appreciated. I feel like we are owed at least that.

JEFF TODD: She joined this Facebook group where other people are sharing what limited information they have.

BECCA TARNOWSKI: It's just been really helpful to talk with other people who are in the same situation who felt like, gosh, my gut said I shouldn't go, but I went anyway.

JEFF TODD: The biggest concern is the unknown of three vaccination doses.

DARCY STRICKER: They haven't done any testing on three shots.

BECCA TARNOWSKI: I don't feel great about being a guinea pig for a third dose so close together.

JEFF TODD: The state said today that there are millions of shots that have been given out. In fact, 25% of the state population is now fully vaccinated, and they've never come across an issue like this. They really consider this case to be an anomaly. We're live in Glendale tonight. Jeff Todd, covering Colorado first.

JIM BENEMANN: Well, we know the Johnson & Johnson--