Colorado lawmakers split on vaccine passports

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The new question in Colorado is whether to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Driving the news: The Democratic-led General Assembly on Wednesday rejected a Republican-backed bill to prohibit businesses from doing so. The legislation's critics complained that its language spreads misinformation about the vaccine.

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The big picture: Colorado is one of 37 states where prohibition legislation has been introduced, according to the Denver-based National Conference of State Legislatures. Two states introduced bills to require vaccines in certain settings.

The other side: Gov. Jared Polis told Axios this week that he doesn't support mandates for vaccines and believes the decision should be left to individual businesses.

  • "I know there are some that are worried about the safety of their own employees and have taken those steps. There are others that want to provide those assurances to their customers," he said.

  • "I think you'll see a wide spectrum in Colorado and across the country."

Between the lines: Even as Polis implores Colorado residents to get vaccinated, the Democrat's prior record on immunizations suggests a willingness to let people make their own decisions.

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