Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, 36, is about to be a grandma

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Colorado representative Lauren Boebert, 36, announced she’s going to be a grandmother next month.

The Republican firebrand made the declaration earlier this week at a Moms for America event, from which video started making the rounds Thursday.

“Not only am I mom of four boys, but come April, I will be a GG to a brand new grandson,” she beamed.

Newsweek reports that the child’s father is Boebert’s 17-year-old son, Tyler.

Boebert’s announcement comes just days after she called for the elimination of “comprehensive sex ed” in public schools, according to Raw Story.

The far-right lawmaker told the Durango Herald in 2020 that she dropped out of high school to raise Tyler.

“I was a brand-new mom, and I had to make hard decisions on successfully raising my child, or getting to high school biology class,” she said. “And I chose to take care of my child.”

Boebert earned her GED before being elected to congress in 2020.

The representative is a fervent abortion rights opponent, who has vowed to “always fight for pro-life and pro-family legislation.”

She narrowly won a second congressional term in 2022, edging out Democrat Adam Frisch in a heavily Republican district.

Boebert married her husband, soon-to-be 42-year-old grandfather Jayson Boebert, in 2005. Together, in 2013, they opened Shooters Grill, where servers openly carried guns. It closed in July 2022 and was reportedly replaced by a Mexican restaurant.