Colorado reports fewer Pfizer vaccine doses to come

The U.S. government has told Colorado it will get fewer doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in a second shipment than originally expected. Other states have also been told to expect fewer doses of the Pfizer vaccine in its second week. (Dec. 18)

Video Transcript

JARED POLIS: The bad news is the numbers that we're going to get from Pfizer are lower next week, not just for us, for every state, than what we had been told before. And I do call upon the federal government. I saw Pfizer's pronouncement that they had doses waiting in the warehouse and they just needed to be told where to send them.

We say, send them to Colorado. But we encourage the federal government to get those distributed out. They're not doing any good in a Pfizer warehouse.

We've been planning for an allocation today of 67,860 next week of the Pfizer vaccine. But we learned that Operation Warp Speed's leadership has revised that. The new allocation is 39,780.

Of the 39,780 Pfizer vaccines next week, 25,000 are going to support on site vaccination at skilled nursing facilities and 14,002 hospitals. So yes, again, it means some that were otherwise scheduled to get the first vaccination next week might have to wait until the following week or the week after to receive that vaccination, with the continued prioritization of people who work in and around COVID patients in a hospital setting and residents and staff at long term care skilled nursing facilities.