Colorado Snowstorm: I-25 Closed Between Wellington And Wyoming State Line

Interstate 25 is closed from Wellington, Colorado, (milepost 278) to the Wyoming state line on Saturday night.

Video Transcript

DOMINIC GARCIA: Let's start with Dylan Thomas in northern Colorado. And Dylan, that area's just getting the brunt of the storm.

DYLAN THOMAS: Yeah, Dominic, within the last roughly half hour, this thing has really cranked up the storm. A lot of the snow coming in from the north, with strong wind gusts going in behind me. As you can see right behind me, I-25 here at US 34 in Loveland, pretty much nobody driving down the interstate right now, as we're live here.

Now here's some video from earlier today. This morning, some people were trapped in their driveways with more than 12 inches of thick, heavy, slushy snow blocking them in, forcing them to get on their hands and knees to dig out.

In local grocery store parking lots, massive machinery piled up snow more than 25 feet high, scooping bucket after bucket of slush. The main roads here in Windsor, actually not too bad about half an hour ago. That's changed now. So kudos to the street crew for getting out there earlier.

But the side streets, which were always save for later, no matter what city you're in, definitely require four-wheel drive to get around in. Those in the neighborhoods are spending their day knocking off snow branches before they snap, and some chose to use their snow blowers to move to the mess. While others, like me, did it by hand. I might have even tweaked my back doing so. Very heavy snow.

My favorite snow remover of the day award goes to this kiddo here, who took this storm as an opportunity not only to bounce around on the trampoline, but also to shovel up some snow and throw it toward their loved ones.

Now back here live out in Loveland, I can barely open my eyes, the wind really blowing strong from the north to the south. We're here at I-25 in US 34, the Centerra Promenade. As you can see, the interstate, barely can even see it behind me because of these whiteout conditions. These winds have really cranked it up within the last 30 to 40 minutes. Seemingly, we thought we were out of the woods. But Dominic, as our meteorologists predicted, this storm was going to pack quite the punch.

Reporting live in Loveland, Dylan Thomas, CBSN Denver.

DOMINIC GARCIA: Yeah, you can hear that wind just whipping around. Dylan, make sure to stay safe out there. We appreciate your work, and--