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Colorado Urges Those 16 And Older To Get COVID Vaccine

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The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for those 16 and older and there is a push in Colorado to get those who qualify, vaccinated.

Video Transcript

- Teenagers 16 and older can now get vaccinated, and we know more and more children are getting COVID.

- And nationally, one in five COVID cases during the last week of March were kids under the age of 18. As Jacqueline Quinn shows us, there is a push to make sure that eligible teenagers get those shots.

JACQUELINE QUINN: Teachers getting their vaccines is one huge step. Now this process has opened up to students in an effort to keep everyone safe. Setting up an appointment right now can be a challenge. Most places are booked, that's why I can even be harder for young people between 16 and 18-years-old to find the right appointment, especially since some don't have their own cars.

MIKE CHRISTOFF: And so this was just an attempt to see what we can do to help our kids and, you know, help out the staff too because I think there's still lots of anxiety with teaching-- with teachers around having 1,300 kids in the building.

JACQUELINE QUINN: Thomas Jefferson High School principal Mike Christoff realized some of these challenges, so he worked with an acquaintance involved in setting up vaccination sites to bring it to the school.

MIKE CHRISTOFF: She reached out to me on March 29, and obviously it takes a little bit of time to go through the paperwork process with CDHPD, but she's able to get that pushed through pretty quickly.

JACQUELINE QUINN: Christoff understands just like adults some kids may also feel hesitant.

MIKE CHRISTOFF: Yeah, absolutely. Do your research. Obviously, it's a personal decision. We absolutely 100% respect that.

JACQUELINE QUINN: However, the vaccine could be key to students getting back to their daily school routine, as well as extracurricular activities.

MIKE CHRISTOFF: We hope to get everybody vaccinated that's a teachers or student that's 16 and older.

JACQUELINE QUINN: Now students under the age of 18 must have a parent to accompany them to get their shots. In Denver, I'm Jacqueline Quinn, "Covering Colorado First".

- Jacqueline, thank you. This.