Colorful woodpecker & blue jays share feast at bird feeder

Back yard bird feeders can bring hours of joy and satisfaction as the neighbourhood birds flock to the feast and display their colourful plumage. Many song birds and others stay in countries with a cold winter climate, relying on seeds and pine cones to sustain them through the winter. But food can be scarce and a thick blanket of snow will make finding food very difficult. Cold temperatures also present severe difficulties for small birds as their metabolism must adjust to provide them heat. This causes their food requirement to increase greatly during cold weather. Back yard bird feeders can be extremely helpful to these beautiful creatures and a fresh supply of seeds and nuts can mean the difference between surviving the winter or perishing during the coldest months. Supplying the right food will also attract different species and it can be very rewarding to do some research to see what will best fit the needs of the birds in your location. Attracting the most unique or most colourful birds can also be an interesting challenge. This bird enthusiast has bought herself an ample supply of suet cakes filled with nuts and seeds that are perfect for woodpeckers and nuthatches. Another feeder close by provides a platform that can be filled with peanuts in the shell. This is the favourite feeder for crows and blue jays, but the blue jays also like the suet and they happily feed on the fatty seeds when the woodpeckers will allow it. A red-bellied woodpecker is the first bird to arrive for breakfast in this video. His beautiful red crest and red tinted stomach plumage make him a gorgeous sight at the feeder. Many bird enthusiasts will use the opportunities provided by the feeders to record the birds as they get their fill. It's a win-win situation for both!