Colts Neck Fire: Brother Charged With Arson, More Details Emerge About Quadruple Homicide

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Fire fighter with protective gear stands outside a house blaze

The brother of the man who was found dead outside his Colts Neck home yesterday has been charged with aggravated arson. Paul J. Caneiro, 51, was arrested and placed into custody at Monmouth County jail for attempting to burn down his own house in Ocean Township, New Jersey. His wife and children were inside at the time of the arson attempt, it is believed.

According to USA Today, Paul Caneiro allegedly tried to burn down his Tilton Drive home “using gasoline and igniting the gasoline causing the residence to catch fire while his wife and two daughters were inside.” None of his family were reported injured as a result of the blaze. Paul is set to appear in court in relation to the arson charge on Wednesday, November 28, according to WABC.

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