A Columbia Pelican’s SnoBalls has changed locations. Check out the new spot

Photo by Chris Trainor
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Folks are always looking for ways to cool off during Columbia’s blast furnace summers, and one remedy is to partake in one of the icy, flavorful confections at Pelican’s SnoBalls.

Now one Pelican’s shop in Columbia is changing locations.

The Pelican’s on north Main Street is moving to 2404 Main. It was formerly located in the 2700 block of Main. The north Main Pelican’s announced the move in a Tuesday post on Instagram.

“Very excited to see how things go (at) our new spot,” the business posted.

The new location will open in March.

The move three blocks down Main puts Pelican’s in proximity to a host of nearby restaurants in what has become a thriving culinary corner of the city. The snoball shop will be across the street from Curiosity Coffee Bar and just around the corner from the War Mouth restaurant, Indah Coffee and Il Focolare pizzeria. Rambo’s Fat Cat Biscuits and Noma Bistro also are in the 2400 block of Main.

There are about 190 Pelican’s locations nationwide, mostly in the Southeast. There are numerous spots in South Carolina, including several in Richland and Lexington counties. They are known for their New Orleans-inspired snoballs, which feature a prodigious amount of fluffy ice and your choice of more than 100 flavors. Pelican’s locations are typically open in the warmer months, from early spring through the fall.

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