A Columbia Tusculum home sold for $1 million. Here's what sold in your neighborhood

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Find out how much property is selling for in your neighborhood.
Find out how much property is selling for in your neighborhood.

Each week we compile local real estate records so you can find out what property is selling for in your neighborhood.

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Information provided by Hamilton County Auditor Brigid Kelly.

Amberley Village

8000 Ridge Rd: Ortiz Francisco D Castro & Christen E Castro to Rubidge Julie R & Frederick J Iv; $595,000

Anderson Township

1123 Asbury Rd: South Kayla B to Wimberly Janette F; $159,500

1160 Eight Mile Rd: Coffey Elwanda D to Norber Charlene & Christopher; $137,000

6253 Spyglassridge Dr: Mcmullen Patrick T & Karen M to Weisenberger Megan J & Eric M Ewald; $675,000

7392 Ridgepoint Dr: Kalura Sanjay Singh & Anju to Sherman Adam; $153,451

8102 Eastdale Dr: Hodges Carol A to Groene David Clark & Hannah Elizabeth; $325,000

8332 Tidewater Ct: Leverage And Investing LLC to Seijido Daniel & Alexia Aba; $390,000

8384 Summitridge Dr: Hench Nicholas W & Cathy M to Hapon Vitalii & Alesia; $300,000

982 Sutton Rd: Bodle Emily & David to Mcmaster Carter B & Chenye; $276,541

Arlington Heights

459 Elliott Ave: Hutson William L & Elizabeth A to Pike Nicholas A & Shayla A Tinsley; $100,000

461 Elliott Ave: Hutson William L & Elizabeth A to Pike Nicholas A & Shayla A Tinsley; $100,000


330 Glenwood Ave: Gibson Luther E to Henderson Rasaan; $92,000

3315 Milton Ct: 1562 Ruth Ave LLC to Khan Zeeshan; $165,000

3745 Washington Ave: Mt Development LLC to Mathias William; $283,500

512 Maxwell Ave: Central Clinic to Queen City Hills LLC; $308,000

513 Maxwell Ave: Central Clinic to Queen City Hills LLC; $308,000

Blue Ash

11046 Oak Av: Monarch Homes LLC to Chakov Nicole Elise; $84,000

3681 Mohler Rd: Ain Howard Tr to Rosfeld Robert Douglas & Abigail L; $750,000

4474 Victor Ave: Td Premier Properties LLC to Stump John Joseph & Leonore Salvado; $302,500

4531 Cooper Rd: Robinson Linda C to Pernicci Properties LLC; $140,000

9329 Hunters Creek Dr: Martin Jane Audrey to Mustafa Bassal Munib; $192,000

Business District

15 Fourth St: Lind Michael Andrew to Janszen Timothy T & Michelle D; $310,900


139 Waits Av: Beier Chad E & Krystal M Alsept to Hempleman Kimberly Anne & Alan Charles; $135,000

5930 Haney St: Beier Chad E & Krystal M Alsept to Hempleman Kimberly Anne & Alan Charles; $135,000

Camp Washington

1207 Bates Ave: Lsi Ventures LLC to Goth Brendan T; $130,000


203 Seventieth St: Montoya Teana Campa & Montoya Patricia Jimenez to Bombela Margaret Davis & Kimberly Perkins; $147,000

24 Sixty-sixth St: Mcaninch Vivien Tr @4 to Renaissance Property Holdings LLC; $50,000

7114 Fairpark Ave: Red Mill Properties II LLC to Rondon Luis H; $132,000


3632 Westwood Northern Bv: Moore James to Eagle Cash Buyers LLC; $30,000

4128 St Martins Pl: Carter Ian & Sarah Vonderhaar to Winkler Wayne D Jr; $183,000


315 Miami Ave: Lambert Rachael to Hamilton Angela M & Donald M; $150,000


3583 Vine St: Bramic Enterprises Ltd to Clark Tiffanie Rae; $186,775

Colerain Township

10023 Windswept Ln: Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo Darrell Bradenburg Ira to Achu Fred; $160,000

2352 Clover Crest Dr: Nsp Homes to Wissman Jr Eric Franklin & Courtney Kay Koller; $167,500

2365 Golf Dr: Delaware 1912 Investments LLC to Kim Sunmi; $174,000

2469 Crosley Meadow: D R Horton Indiana LLC to Chipalu Ashak; $356,900

2508 Niagara St: Airgood Gary W & Patti to Olympia Property Investments LLC; $60,000

2811 Overdale Dr: Maddy Collette to Emeigh Troy & Rachel Rajangam; $175,000

3028 Lapland Dr: Hampton Beatrice to Marquez Nazario Ponce & Rosalia Hernandez; $100,000

3233 Harry Lee Ln: Brown Nan & Elitha Richardson to Richardson Elitha; $70,930

3329 Alexis Rd: Larkins Ventures LLC to Lee Nadia N; $231,000

3453 Statewood Dr: Farooqi Abe to Taylor Phylicia & Antoine L; $133,000

3776 Susanna Dr: Mckeon Gina to Ledford Robert & Phyllis; $170,000

3784 Sagebrush Ln: Dorrmann Kevin J & Peggy L to Thomas Keneta & Marvin Thomas Jr; $273,500

3980 Woodthrush Dr: Hague Timothy J & Christina A to Mccullough Joesting Mary Claire; $260,000

5545 Annamarie Ct: Brinck Cynthia A Tr & Joseph A II Tr to Trenkamp Scott M Tr & Melanie A Trenkamp Tr; $600,000

7579 Copper Creek Ln: Mt Hope LLC to Deutenberg Dan; $798,616

7850 Miami River Rd: Fiedeldey Darin B & Tonya M to Roberto Vincent & Sharon; $330,000

8114 Hollybrook Ct: Doker Michael to Cephas April C; $222,000

8285 Chesswood Dr: Harrison Patricia A & Nathan J Roos to Hollandsworth Larry; $80,000

8551 Merril Ct: Fischer Single Family Homes Iv LLC to Walsh Thomas P & Peggy M; $562,541

Annamarie Ct: Brinck Cynthia A Tr & Joseph A II Tr to Trenkamp Scott M Tr & Melanie A Trenkamp Tr; $600,000

Sweetbay Cir: Grand Communities Ltd to Fischer Single Family Homes Iv LLC; $86,000

College Hill

5759 Wintrop Ave: Johnson Florindo F to Houston Lynette A; $145,000

6036 Tahiti Dr: Barhorst Terry to Shakir Fadqa; $214,900

7828 Bitteroot Ln: Garvey Academy LLC to Williams Dale; $182,500

Columbia Township

5721 Euclid Rd: Sunderman Michael J & Marla P to Markley III J H & Elizabeth A; $425,000

Columbia Tusculum

263 Mccullough St: Collins Ronda to Post Office Place LLC; $5,373

3332 Columbia Pw: Olson Marianne Tr to Griffin Michael D & Melissa; $1,050,000

Deer Park

3905 St Johns Te: Ostendorf Enterprises LLC to Mccarthy Cristin E; $269,900

Delhi Township

1088 Beechmeadow Ln: Sears Norma to Mitiku Fessehaie & Asmeret Gebrehiwot; $195,770

1289 Ebenezer Rd: Bruns Nancy A to Boyles David Richard & David Castillo Gocher; $175,000

301 Charingcross Ct: Bohls Catherine A to Ebdw Properties LLC; $85,000

4335 Cloverhill Te: Bemerer Marilyn A to Bacon Cristina & John; $211,000

5013 Garden Grove Ln: 643 Cov LLC to Siberski Carolyn; $319,900

5106 Chantilly Dr: Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Vpm Homes LLC; $148,313

5417 Cannas Dr: Lvg Properties LLC to Hummel Suzanne & David R; $190,000

645 Libbejo Dr: Tilford Jason & Heather to Franzosa Alexis A; $190,000

Neeb Rd: Kostopoulos Rosalyn to Williams Terry D & Thomas J; $25,000

East Price Hill

2429 Maryland Ave: White Diane Michelle to Ernst Ryan & Aileen; $50,000

3009 Eighth St: Jds Holdings Ix LLC to Winburn Christopher H & Lindsay Diane Baruffa; $270,000

3411 Price Ave: Brashear David to J Noble Real Estate LLC; $118,000

411 Elberon Ave: Next Journey Home Offers LLC to Kfj Realty Group LLC; $30,000

446 Crestline Ave: W2g Group LLC to Fancy Realty LLC; $2,000

East Walnut Hills

2324 Park Ave: Goel Abhishek to Montgomery Stephanie Lyn; $166,900


9850 Fawnrun Ct: Setterberg Alison to Khalilieh Roy & Maram; $780,200


6315 Bedford St: T2d2 Properties LLC to Saunders Matthew Jacob & Andrea Maria; $625,000

6317 Bedford St: T2d2 Properties LLC to Jabour Vincent; $625,000

Forest Park

1477 Kelvin Ct: Campos Jhon & Oscar Mauricio Campos to Doorvest Holdings I LLC; $155,000

835 Halesworth Dr: Boatwright Pamela J to Adams Jared Austin; $230,000

Golf Manor

2526 Bremont Ave: Beavan Daniel W to Wray James & Robert; $172,000

Green Township

1740 Neeb Rd: Kessling Lois A Tr to Tilford Heather E & Jason Allen; $307,000

2343 Fairgreen Dr: Dewar Gregory T to Egaro Investments Ltd; $130,000

2380 Ebenezer Rd: Bray Jeffrey L Jr to Espelage Samantha; $188,000

2389 Ebenezer Rd: Bray Jeffrey L Jr to Espelage Samantha; $188,000

3383 Emerald Lakes Dr: Jerow Brandy B to Wolfe Kyle W; $125,000

4013 Wildcherry Ct: Krier Steven P to Krier Adam & Amber Krier; $230,000

4268 North Bend Rd: Colangelo Kimberly J to Kanz Gregory Alan; $63,070

4331 Regency Ridge Ct: Hastings Shauna M to Schwarte Kathleen M; $184,900

5236 Ralph Ave: Maybrier Bobbie to Mehdi Roxanna; $235,000

5301 Sidney Rd: Adler Jill & Jeff to Weilday LLC; $117,000

5333 Glenway Ave: Jostto Group LLC to Goat Kicks And Apparel LLC; $1,510,000

5482 Asbury Lake Dr: Mccullough-joesting Mary Claire to Shoemaker Sr Joseph M & Joyce M; $200,000

5525 Raceview Ave: Thompson John O to Francis Jarod & Victoria A Spangler; $180,000

5554 Childs Ave: Martin Clark to Walsh Jarred Vincent; $256,000

5736 Childs Ave: Schueler Jacqueline J to Terino Julia; $230,000

5745 Sprucewood Dr: Monde Elizabeth A Tr to Roget Bryce; $217,500

6725 Southknoll Dr: Hoffmann Joseph C & Donna S to Heekin Fred W & Michelle A; $485,000

6902 Mary Joy Ct: Baker Larry V & Jo Ann Wheat to Koch Peter C & Clare; $465,000


118 Jefferson St: Metzler Properties Ltd to Bourne Rachel L; $159,900

1261 Cavanaugh Ln: Nvr Inc to Seger Lisa K @ 4; $335,725

1283 Cavanaugh Ln: Westhaven Development LLC to Nvr Inc; $55,914

173 Timepiece Ln: Cossman Patricia A to Schroer Keith E; $245,000

325 Washington St: Schroer Keith to Link Nancy Jane; $191,000

347 Miami Trace: Hall William M & Edith P to Nienaber Angela & Lori A; $277,500

524 Park Ave: Bourne Rachel L to Acra Eric Stephen & Melisa R; $152,000

622 Ridgeview Dr: Obanion James & Rachael to Squires Real Estate Group Ll C; $172,500

Harrison Township

10224 New Haven Rd: Marlowe Terry J & Dawn Y to Nasuta James & Vicki; $214,900


51 De Camp Ave: Pennington's Premier Properties LLC to Tafari Sesheta A & Ayinde T Ashshakir; $198,500

Hyde Park

2174 Grandin Rd: Biggs John Theodore & Carol Ann to Griffin Timothy D; $830,000

2344 Vista Pl: Brady Katherine F Tr & Howard S Fogle Tr to Cappel John M & Julie A; $775,000

2444 Madison Rd: Block Irene I Tr to Haft Jill &; $269,308

2856 Erie Ave: Kruszynski Jonathan H to Sicnolf Andrew Ryan; $675,000

3450 Observatory Pl: Gerwin Naomi T Tr to Kay Elliot M & Julie E Finn Kay; $1,120,000

3505 Parkline Ave: Tweddell Sue Ellen to Samaha Antoine & Marielle Kabbouche; $1,700,000

Indian Hill

7885 Shawnee Run Rd: Mclane Timothy P & Meridith V Mclane to Mccarren Jonathan & Anne R; $1,130,000

Kennedy Heights

3512 Zinsle Ave: Hb2 Alternative Holdings LLC to Larkins Ventures LLC; $125,250

3916 Kirkup Ave: Furr Teresa Berry to Savannah Properties Ii LLC; $215,000

5815 Wyatt Ave: Gerhardstein Alphonse A & Miriam J Gingold to Hansford Christine Crowe; $540,000

6252 Rogers Park Pl: Hausterling Development Group LLC to Larkins Ventures LLC; $196,000

Lincoln Heights

1226 Magee Ct: Kfj Realty Group LLC to Ape Properties LLC; $89,000

1243 Simmons Ave: Prestige Investments LLC & Squires Real Estate Group LLC to Cincy Property Care LLC; $40,000

870 Adams St: Ohio Valley Home Buyers LLC to Avi Properties Ltd; $40,000

870 Adams St: Wilkinson Yvette Krind to Ohio Valley Home Buyers LLC; $30,000


7414 Juler Ave: Chaskel Kyle T & Tracy L to Sheehy Kimbertly H; $392,500

7419 Miami Ave: Hessler Patrick R Tr & Lcnb National Bank Tr to Bird Cynthia @3; $215,000


4132 Watterson St: Mike Brown Pm LLC to Cincyprop LLC; $113,500

4333 Watterson St: Clark Nicholas to Trentman Mitchell James; $200,000

6643 Haley Ave: Ramenaden Emeline & George Grimes to Glass Stephanie L & Nick Kienzle; $290,000

6931 Merwin Ave: Northfield Construction LLC to Cole Steve & Ed; $149,900

6931 Merwin Ave: Reynolds Deborah J to Northfield Construction LLC; $125,000


3720 Settle Rd: Burandt Janet J Tr to Wendler Peter Tr; $276,000

Miami Township

2646 Bayhill Ct: Applegate Karianna & Gabriel to Guy Matthew J & Jennifer A; $450,000


10440 Bookmark Pl: Ashford Homes LLC to Noble Michelle; $1,000,000

10577 Adventure Ln: Cohen Michael S to Green Stephen W & Cynthia K; $357,000

7822 Shadowhill Wy: Riedmiller Dennis John Tr & Wendy Rose New Tr to Yang Jay Ci & Ying Jiang; $505,000

Mount Adams

1 Filson Pl: San Giovanne Fiore Ltd to Rodes Scott D; $520,000

Mount Airy

2460 Kipling Ave: Tate Taylor L to Hollinger John; $170,000

5259 Ponderosa Dr: Wieland Susan M Tr to Kilmer Matthew & Shannon Powell; $184,900

Mount Auburn

288 Mcgregor Ave: Bibb Kenneth B Ii to Jacobs Michaela; $350,000

Mount Healthy

7334 Bernard Ave: Murray Denise Ann to Collins Scott & Qian Liu; $99,900

7350 Forest Ave: Mccann John M & Kelli L to Craigen Katrina; $174,000

Mount Lookout

1015 Delta Ave: R2 Partnership LLC to L & D Real Estate Holdings LLC; $284,410

2986 Linwood Ave: Larkins Ventures LLC to Emerson Jannette; $465,000

3407 Ault View Ave: Mckiernan Edward & Debra to Thomas Kevin & Ashley; $885,000

3471 Windisch Ave: Myers Patricia Ghory Tr to Thornton Rob & Kendra Tr; $600,000

4935 Bouton St: Affirmed Tc LLC to Fitzhugh Jason S & Judd T Jacobs; $1,050,405

Mount Washington

1917 Lehigh Ave: Tetrault-boeh Lori M & Mark D Boeh to Gomez Marcia; $275,000

2784 Redfield Pl: Fehr Nathan to Wilson Allison & Aaron; $240,000

6263 Beechmont Ave: Pbj Elite LLC to Opelt Kylie; $150,000


3511 Round Bottom Rd: Frede Paul A & Janice L to Rabbit Hole Properties LLC; $286,300

North Avondale

3920 Winding Wy: Mcfarland Jennifer to Grimm Alexandria Marie &; $685,000

3987 Parker Pl: Smith Dorlean to Browning Property Management LLC; $140,000

North College Hill

1835 Bising Ave: Loch Teresa A to Lane Christopher S; $75,000

1921 Dallas Ave: Lauch Walter to Siebert Sr David; $86,000


1412 Knowlton St: Fay Terry M & Jay Wessels to Jw Home Renovations LLC; $67,500

4114 Florida Ave: Browning Edward W & Tina M to Rich Lea LLC; $160,000

4333 Beech Hill Ave: Fourth World Capital to Kfj Realty Group LLC; $121,000

4719 Hassman Ct: Lambert Michael Tr & Mary Koebbe Tr to Mahoney Jason Daniel & Leeanne Marie; $340,000


1710 Lincoln Ave: I & E Properties LLC to Trudge LLC; $85,000

1740 Mills Ave: York Gregory A to Lockridge Robert & Erin; $77,000

1773 Williams Ave: Go Vg LLC to Jpsb Properties LLC; $250,000

1912 Delaware Ave: Varela Walter & Trista Freytag to Baar Ryann E & Mortiz; $415,000

2422 Quatman Ave: Ballarat Investments LLC to Alabama Property LLC; $432,000

2757 Harris Ave: Mcshane Doris F Tr to Reddoor Norwood LLC; $128,000

3828 Elsmere Ave: Walloon Group LLC to Lennon Stephanie; $363,500

3930 Ivanhoe Ave: Go Vg LLC to Jpsb Properties LLC; $199,000

5207 Warren Ave: Atwans LLC The to Stanle Cory S & Karrissa Walter; $120,000

5410 Rolston Ave: Parks Norene to Rebuilt Offers LLC; $80,000

5724 Hunter Ave: Moore Stephen E to Bateman Dana K & Tracie Tr; $135,000


3406 Sawgrass Ln: Law Carol G to Hudson Lori A Tr; $750,000

3553 Madison Park Ave: Sharkey Kelsey M & Austin P Stephan to Sirk Laura B; $415,000

3921 Oakpark Pl: Gelhot Frank J to Burnett Group LLC; $152,500

3923 Oakpark Pl: Gelhot Frank J to Burnett Group LLC; $152,500

4179 Paxton Woods Dr: Quatkemeyer Andrew & Aris L to Millea Megan & Thomas D; $398,000


1326 Vine St: Stafford Cynthea E to Beischel Joseph & Kelly; $299,000

146 Mulberry St: Walton Randall J & Trina M to Mack Aswad; $899,900

1515 Race St: Hodes Janet to Gargano Raymond J Jr; $394,000


1210 Sycamore St: Hackett Suzanne C M to Sycamore Grear LLC; $230,400

Pleasant Ridge

6194 Fairway Dr: Owens Sherry to Overbay Jonathan & Brooke; $498,000


234 Mcguire Ln: Akers Marcus R & Jenn to Cincy Property Care LLC; $82,000

436 Columbia Ave: Baldock James E & Maureen C to Dunaway Brothers LLC; $140,000

9675 Reading Rd: Nichols Richard P & Terry G to Ck Holding Company LLC; $600,000


3625 Hillside Ave: Hubbard Sonny & Tammy A to Mz Management LLC; $42,000


1800 Colmar Ln: Hood Herbert to Brown Ronnie; $153,000

7212 Reading Rd: Market Wide Rentals LLC to Johnson Michael L; $220,000

Sayler Park

143 Whipple St: Rader Adam & Nicolette Book to Lugert Joan Alyce & Michael James; $165,000


11081 Allenhurst Bv: Nitzberg Matthew L to Linz Natalie & Timothy Daniel; $405,000

17 Dexter Park Bv: Lovitt Marilyn J to Parker James David & Martha Mckinney; $300,000

1742 Woodbine Ave: Dahl Randy to Kaanapali Renovations LLC; $86,000

1742 Woodbine Ave: Kaanapali Renovations LLC to Cornerstone Homes Of Cincinnati LLC; $95,000


3904 Grand Ave: Stewart Gregory to Jph Property Investments LLC; $225,000

6715 Alpine Ave: Miller William Henry & Sandra to Smith Karoline A & Matthew J Salzman; $215,000

South Fairmount

1934 Knox St: S&s Painting & Homes LLC to Cruz Lorena Garcia; $50,000

1936 Knox St: S&s Painting & Homes LLC to Cruz Lorena Garcia; $50,000


475 Dimmick Ave: Opendoor Property Trust I to Leon Rachid Rafael Villarroel &; $196,000

890 Ledro St: Lawhorn Traci A & Anthony Appelman to Lawhorn Traci A; $46,960

896 Ledro St: Lawhorn Traci A & Anthony Appelman to Appleman Anthony; $45,020

897 Yorkhaven Rd: Session Joann to Hunter Teri; $275,000

Springfield Township

10622 Toulon Dr: 1562 Ruth Ave LLC to Than Win Harrison; $259,900

12167 Deer Chase Dr: Johnson White Pamela to Booker Kenneth Ocie; $310,000

1381 Summit Rd: Crouch Janet L to Daniels Antonio & Tracey Goosey; $115,000

1734 Newbrook Dr: Sarabio Jorge Javier & Ericka Barrios De La Cruz to Stephenson William; $240,000

1829 Forester Dr: 11b Construction Ltd to Duncan Angela; $265,000

1850 Fallbrook Ln: We Said Yes to The Mess LLC to Wilson Russell A & Angela M; $263,000

1988 Greenpine Dr: Kingery James W to Loveless Carl; $265,000

618 Fleming Rd: Clark Christopher & Eleanor Macleod to Foster Janet Marie; $315,000

620 Fleming Rd: Clark Christopher & Eleanor Macleod to Foster Janet Marie; $315,000

9644 Timbermill Ct: Whitehead Jelani L to Koch Elizabeth & Konstantin Volkov; $308,000

9832 Lorelei Dr: Kissel Scott J to Yahn Brian D; $195,000

St. Bernard

4220 Sullivan Ave: Lothian Kevin M & Emily M to Kassem Ali Kamel & Jordan; $340,000

Sycamore Township

11584 Chancery Ln: Schone Dennis W Tr to Kokenge James J & Kim F; $411,000

12112 Coyote Ct: Williams Elisa W & Ronald E Valente to Boulden Hongxia & Stanley; $543,900

3957 Larchview Dr: Rich Jeffrey A to Rahill Bridget; $212,000

5706 Bayberry Dr: Ward Bradley W & Jodi S to Hensler Daniel F III & Kathleen A; $536,000

6545 Westover Cr: Wetherill Anne Sawyer Tr to Bassman Daniel R & Maura S; $692,500

8631 Dundalk Ct: Mulvey Ann Kraushar to Comerford Morgan S; $223,000

8801 Foxboro Ct: Steinle Clifford J Iii Tr to Larose Kenneth P & Colleen E Treesh; $549,900

Spencer Ave: Rlg 7 LLC to Kenwood Office Park LLC; $1,584,525

Symmes Township

7930 Daniel St: Lh Global Investments LLC to Sabo Clark & Kimberly Burdett; $160,000

8407 Heritage Dr: Fabin James E Jr & Jocelyn to D Amato Christopher & Sierra Coreno; $480,000

Lincoln Rd: Havill Darcy E & Judy H to Krone Jay A Tr & Karen V Krone Tr; $299,900

Walnut Hills

2151 Fulton Ave: Hoback Richard Tyler to Eboreime Ohioma Philip; $171,500

955 Auburnview Dr: Cottongim Zachary Adam to Paul Romy & Sheila Romy Konnully; $235,000

West Price Hill

1130 Glenna Dr: Campbell Nicole L to Diaz Henry Y; $170,000

1240 Henkel Dr: Bedel Richard J & Peggy A to Neumann Brothers LLC; $76,000

1241 Manss Ave: Brown Nachara to Fourth World Capital LLC; $86,000

1241 Manss Ave: Fourth World Capital LLC to Maq Investments LLC; $98,000

1274 Mckeone Ave: Krebs Petera to Jessica Marie Wilkinson & Jeffrey K Wilkinson; $8,453

1342 Covedale Ave: Heekin Michelle A & Fred to Shelby Alex Jay & Staci Nicole; $230,500

4954 Ralph Ave: Gallo Marjory A Tr to Stutler Misook; $75,000

5148 Highview Dr: Tallarigo Mary Lou to Slaughter Keith A; $209,000

822 Kirbert Ave: 1562 Ruth Ave LLC to Khan Zeeshan; $185,000


2717 Lafeuille Ave: Nelson Steven A to Soumare Sira; $233,000

2780 Lafeuille Ave: Wolf Barbara to Ball Dwight; $50,000

2844 Lafeuille Ave: Enterprise Exchange LLC to Germany Nylia; $134,570

2844 Lafeuille Ave: Germany Nylia to Legacy Ken; $134,570

2850 Lafeuille Ave: Enterprise Exchange LLC to Germany Nylia; $134,570

2850 Lafeuille Ave: Germany Nylia to Legacy Ken; $134,570

3044 Daytona Ave: Wolf Barbara to Ball Dwight; $75,000

3165 Penrose Pl: Didericksen Wyatt Max to Specht Stephen R & Julie A Doyle; $241,500

3200 Boudinot Ave: Bay Horse LLC to Zalewski Madeleine & Eric; $284,000

3283 Daytona Ave: Mpe Consulting LLC to Ahern Laura R & Mark J; $174,000

3320 Brodbeck Pl: Opendoor Property Trust I A Delaware Statutory Trust to Barr Hollyn & Matthew Roe; $243,000

5337 Glenway Ave: Jostto Group LLC to Goat Kicks And Apparel LLC; $1,510,000

Whitewater Township

105 Hooven Rd: Dole J Ethan to Kaiser Kaitlyn E @3; $115,000

7985 Ferry St: Nesmith Carolyn Allman to Preferred Property Investments Inc; $103,100

8035 Harrison Ave: Mcwilliams Dianne M & Cecil B to J & M Allen Properties I LLC; $125,000


Information provided by Christine Charlson.


1128 Summerlake Drive: Kristina and Joshua Schalk to Rachel Hawkins and Troy Atchley; $294,000

1209 Creekside Court: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Gary Paetzke; $299,500

1538 Craft Road: Carolyn and Teddy Colegate to Cherry Tree Lane, LLC; $275,000

201 Brookwood Drive: Amy and Cody Strouse to Michael Carter; $250,000

3 S. Bellwood Court: Tracy and Jack Morgan to Amy Downton; $110,000

499 Joann Lane: Jawanna Spencer to Marella Hauger and Ronald Scheurmann; $347,000

692 Streamside Drive Upper, unit 102-D: The Drees Company to Kenny Fossitt; $272,500

7389 Flintshire Drive, unit 10-304: Wendy Arnold to Tamara and Steven Walz; $240,000

7446 Flintshire Drive, unit 3-302: Susan and William Koehler to Ashley Mills; $255,000

746 Bluestem Ridge Drive: The Drees Company to Christina and Richard Barnes; $490,000

7529 Flintshire Drive, unit 4-300: Bernard Helphingstine Jr. to Simbarashe Gwenhamo and Gamuchirai Gumbo; $175,000

7601 Tartan Ridge Drive: Natalie and Thomas Selby to Barbara Heineman; $335,000

8752 E. Main St.: Thomas Skelton to Green Wave Real Estate, LLC; $100,000

9872 Cedar Cove: Kerri and Mark Cole to Clarice MacDonald and Stephen Smith II; $280,000


143 Lake St.: Jennifer and Christopher Markus to Lake Street Residential Revocable Trust; $615,000

319 Retreat St.: Walnut Belle, LLC to Lauren Kollias and Jacob Bobo; $425,000

337 Eden Ave.: Deborah Guthrie and Donnie Combs to Good Faith Homes, LLC; $90,000

403 Grandview Ave.: Kelsey and Jay Studer to Abigail Schuh; $283,000


254 Kassady Court: Jessica and Keith Roberts to Chad Marshall; $315,000

3252 Idlewild Road: Rhonda and Troy Cole to Yvonne and James Finley; $360,000

4013 Crystal Creek Circle: Susan Houp, Cathleen and Michael Tomlinson and Kelly and Robert Houp to Avery Foley; $260,000

8747 E. Bend Road: Lori Clarke to Mariah and Anthony Jordan; $420,000

Cold Spring

526 Fawn Run Drive, unit 9: Donna Stamper to Joy and Gregory Lawrence; $190,000


10524 Pinetree Court: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Mary and Mark Cathell; $370,000

1150 Shavano Drive, unit 5: Condo View, LLC to Kelly and Craig Zobrist; $859,000

1210 Greenup St.: Johnson Properties, LLC to Emily Dumond; $239,000

1611 Banklick St.: SBK Properties, LLC to Bitalino and Leonardo Anguilar-Gabriel; $75,000

1619 Holman St.: Margaret Ruckenbrod to Hannah Fisher; $162,000

1913 Russell St.: Victor Ryan to Keiland Henderson; $155,000

20 Ash St.: WS Opportunities, LLC to Leo Olding; $220,000

2008 Mackoy St.: Shelton Rentals, LLC to Lionkat, LLC; $48,500

2011 Howell St.: Barbie Watkins to Rebecca and Mark Bellanco; $158,500

2020 Mackoy Ave.: Tolliver Holdings, LLC to Katrina Dunaway; $110,000

2029 Greenup St.: The Estate of James L. Cobb to Bellevue Land, LLC; $72,500

21 E. 9th St.: PP&D Properties, LLC to Allison Hermes; $262,000

215 Byrd St.: State of the Art Propert Solutions, LLC to Ashley and Colin Lacy; $185,000

2231 Howell St.: Trisha and Bobby Roland to Katherine McCabe; $191,000

2317 Rolling Hills Drive, unit 11-202: Ronald Cropper to Lisa and Donald May; $205,000

2440 Herman St.: Mutual Land Company, LLC to Brenda Stroer; $96,000

3038 Belleglade Drive: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Richard Reis; $353,500

3110 Rogers St.: Brittany and Jason Young to Eric Harrison; $190,000

3204 Latonia Ave.: Abigail and Samuel Strzelewicz to Lindsay Barfield; $205,000

3307 Watson Ave.: Michael Carter to Amanda and Timothy Zimmerman; $190,500

333 E. 16th St.: JSP Properties, LLC to Evan Katt; $105,000

43 Covert Place: Meghan Ferguson to England Clan, LLC; $390,000

4525 Virginia Ave.: US Bank Trust to Jeremy Scaggs; $130,000

4544 Clifton Ave.: Benedetti Enterprises, Inc. to Johnny Lendenski; $165,000

507 W. 9th St.: Pamela Delaguardia to Hometown Management, LLC; $631,500

6156 Taylor Mill Road: David Wirth to Northern Lights Properties, LP; $125,000

658 W. Pike St.: Lewisburg Gateway, LLC to Kelci Vaughn; $280,000

704 W. 12th St.: Patricia and Bobby Crittendon to Unity Home Solutions, LLC; $50,000

710 Delmar Place: Robert Cook to Clarisa Mardis and Teresa Toulouse; $160,000

806 Main St.: MiShell Properties, LLC to David Segraves; $430,000

808 Madison Ave., unit 2: Edward Fasold to Jason Mardis; $210,000

916 Leonard St.: Housing Opportunities of Northern Kentucky, LLC to Sharon Boggs; $103,500

Crescent Springs

640 Eucid St.: Swan Lands, Inc. to Dustin Jones; $145,000


1023 O'Fallon Ave.: Sterling MGMT 2, LLC to Stephen Avila; $835,000

415 3rd Ave.: Patricia and Bobby Crittendon to Unity Home Solutions, LLC; $262,000

425 5th St.: Forty-Nine Properties and Acquisitions, LLC to Katherine and Christopher Wera; $229,500

567 Riverpointe Drive, unit 1: Jessica and David Sheridan to Shelly Glibert; $250,000

611 8th Ave.: Ryan Enzweiler to Tiffani Ingram; $140,000


210 Walker Lane: Kelly Epplen to Emily and Brian Boos; $685,000

241 N. Colony Drive: Allison and Jordan Burk to Amy and Joel Senger; $465,000

3069 Friars Lane: Christina and Jeffrey Zalla to Wendy and Brad Sprague; $950,000


303 Lytle Ave.: Kaylie and Bryan Panko to Stanton Homes, LLC; $90,000

3724 Autumn Road: Vanessa Davis and Eric Himmelman to Joe Kroger; $197,500

565 Palace Ave.: Aaron Elliott to Ashley Pontzius and Titus Wade; $227,000


108 Clover Ave.: MidFirst Bank to Phuc Pham; $77,500

3161 Hickory Lane: Ilisha Adams and Cory Johnson to Allison Burk; $225,000

3995 Brunswick Court: The Drees Company to Jacqueline Gilday; $421,000

4063 Circlewood Drive: Stallion Investments, LLC to Amanda Schweizer and Jeffrey Hawkins; $345,000

520 Edgar Court: Candie and Dwayne Peterson to Christopher Barbato; $235,000

8 Theta Court: The Estate of Kathy S. Martin to Rebecca and James Mirick; $119,000


10272 Cross Bow Court, unit 1: Virith Tan and Moenglign Chao to Jessica Munoz and Edgar German; $120,000

10374 Remy Lane: Raymond McFall to Rose Kayowa; $225,000

1112 Donner Drive: Platinum Property Management Group, LLC to Jordan Pashayan; $315,000

1465 Atlanta Court, unit 301: Carol Floyd to Michael Gailers; $200,000

1565 Greens Edge Drive: Ethan Goodrich to Diana and Stephen Mearriam; $155,000

2078 Stonewall Trail: Maria Bradshaw, Linda and Charles Ellers to Karen Pavy; $269,000

26 Thorne Hill Drive: Oahn Nguyen and Huan Than to Guadalupe and Gerardo Lopez; $288,000

511 Kentaboo Ave.: Adrian Diaz to Roberto Maldonado and Maritza Cortes; $235,000

6703 Curtis Way: Shalini and Vinnie Kumar to Alyssa Bowling and Daonna Owens; $123,500

9177 Susie Drive: Amy and Clay Tyler to Cynthia and Anthony Knapp; $256,000

Fort Mitchell

111 Burdsall Ave.: John Frymark to Kevin Xu; $380,000

141 W. Maple St.: Mary and John Thurman and Harry Thurman to Judith Haney; $380,000

3883 Sherbourne Drive: The Drees Company to Sarah and Dan Roadhouse; $530,000

Fort Thomas

100 Hill St., unit 206: Sheila and Ronald Kilgore to Brittany and Christopher Walker; $140,000

126 Brushwood Drive: Bailey and Christopher Garnick to Brittany Turner and Dillon Mentzer; $318,000

211 Mulberry Court: Julianne Furtwengler to Bailey and Christopher Garnick; $387,500

31 Carriage House Drive: Jennifer and Brian Sand to Reagan Ditzel; $215,000

81 Taylor Ave.: Andrea Janovic to Christina and Nichoals VanLuit III; $185,000

Fort Wright

375 Parkside Place: Josphat Tafirenyka to Jahin German; $365,000

4517 Kidwell Lane: Elizabeth and Benjamin Zapp to Japhter Tetteh; $300,000

535 Cloverfield Lane, unit 202: Steven Brashear to Charles Wend; $140,000


1444 Dominion Trail: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Meredith and Brian Czerwonka; $404,500

1887 Hart Drive: Barbara McIntosh to Heather and Matthew Enzweiler; $185,000

2091 Penny Lane: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Ryan Owen; $561,500

2244 John James Court: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Clarisse Mukeba and Joao Kony; $414,000

2447 Wernz Drive: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Alexandria Lang and Adam Laib; $478,000

Highland Heights

423 Deepwoods Drive: April and Roger Jones to Kenzie Reeder; $182,500


10532 Elderberry Lane: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Amanda Ehme; $304,500

1119 Pinewood Drive: Kortney and Rob Redelman to Nyree and Steven Madru and Tiffany and Lucas Murphy; $317,000

1413 Poplar Place: Dymond and William Brown to Ashley and Dean Blevins Jr.; $465,000

1419 Rosewynne Way: Emily and Andrew Rachford to Jacquelynn and Bryan Fusco; $478,000

1776 Freedom Trail: Maronda Homes of Cincinnati, LLC to Lisa and Michael Balmer; $291,000

1845 Freedom Trail: Kristie Price to Lisa Larison; $355,000

2307 Moffett Road: Michelle and David Steele to Samantha and Nathan Bach; $70,500

4187 Elder Court, unit 5: Mark Baker to Terry Pelfrey; $80,000

554 Old Bristow Road: Genevieve Neace to Ryan Gibson; $250,000

56 Walnut Hall Drive: Kali and Justin Vanhoose to Leslie Race; $238,000

6490 Lakearbor Drive: The Drees Company to Jeremy Germann; $350,000

Lakeside Park

2621 Turkeyfoot Road: Karin and Timothy Flaherty to Tishri and Patrick Dobson; $190,000


408 46th St.: Ryan Holbrook to Tiffany Massie; $81,000


12 Parker Road: Destini and Erik Schout to Stefan Reid; $205,000

315 W. 10th St.: Sean Swick to Jennifer Charlton; $174,000

328 W. 7th St.: Robin and Wayne Iredale to Jaron Byrum and Christopher Hicks; $150,000

37 W. Crescent Ave.: Tranquil Four, LLC to Whitney and Justin Rodriguez; $265,000


10 Woodland Hills Drive, unit 11: Jeffrey Prugh to Elizabeth Vagedes; $139,000

121 Blossom Lane: Eric Baldwin to Linda and Joseph Klare; $410,000

217 Blossom Lane: Cynthia and Robert Blau to Linda and Joseph Klare; $162,500

221 Linden Ave.: Cheyanne Sandlin and Judy Lawrence to Harrison Traylor; $198,000

Taylor Mill

5365 Stoneledge Court, unit C: The Estate of Margie Schaufuss to Patricia Darpel; $199,000

617 Cleveland Ave.: Fairy Hornsby to Taylor and Nathan Matthews; $140,000


10485 Brookhurst Lane North: The Drees Company to Michael Smith II; $550,000

10514 Brookhurst Lane North: The Drees Company to Kortney and Rob Redelman; $525,000

10999 Arcaro Lane: John Edwards to Mark Skiba; $747,000

4656 Donegal Ave.: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Amanda and Jason Salensky; $518,000

5113 Limerick Circle: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Kimberly Hendron; $284,500

5120 Limerick Circle: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Karen Anderson; $342,500

5124 Limerick Court: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Lisa and Steven Wilcoxson; $336,000

9883 Westfield Lane: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Adam Moellinger Jr.; $553,000

Villa Hills

926 Lost Valley Court: Mona Violette and Ben Valley to Wendy Schalk and William Theetge; $215,000


115 S. Main St.: Leslie and James David to Lisa Taylor; $323,000

416 Rapp Court: Sarah and Trenton Durham to Taylor Hubert and Nathaniel Linton; $390,000


401 Lighthouse Court, unit 201: Sue Foster and David Miller to Flora Kinney; $175,000

This article originally appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: $1 million Columbia Tusculum house among top sales in Cincinnati