Columbus officer shoots, kills girl holding knife

Columbus, Ohio police shot and killed a teenage girl Tuesday afternoon in Columbus, Ohio. Police bodycam video shows the officer shooting the girl, who was Black, as she appeared to attempt to stab two people with a knife. (April 21)

Video Transcript

MICHAEL WOODS: Earlier today, we had a police-involved shooting. Normally we don't provide information this soon, but we understand the public's need, desire, and expectation to have transparency upon what happened. We've worked very hard tonight to provide you a short video of the first officer that arrived at scene. And this is the officer that did ultimately fire his weapon.

- Hey.


- What's going on? What's going on?

MICHAEL WOODS: The information was that a caller said females were there trying to stab them and put their hands on them.

- Hey, hey, hey! Get down! Get down! Get down!



MICHAEL WOODS: Deadly force can be used to protect yourself or the protection of a third person. So that is within the policy and that is within the law. That is what the law says. Whether this complies with that will be part of that investigation.



- All right, what do you need me to do? What do you need me to do?

- Call someone!

- What do you need me to do?


- All right, bro.

MICHAEL WOODS: Medics were called right away, officers. You can see from the video, the one officer is assessing the young lady for injuries, and then CPR was started. Once we are able to release that full public record to you, you'll see some additional lifesaving measures that were taken by at least two officers that were at scene.

- Excuse me.


- [MUTED] She came at her with a knife.


- (SPEAKING OVER MEGAPHONE) [INAUDIBLE] Stand tall. Do not attack the police. Let them attack you. We ain't doing nothing!