Column: After a 2nd rugged day at the BMW Championship at Olympia Fields, Rory McIlroy zings the USGA on U.S. Open setups

Since 2004, the USGA has held its signature championship in New York (Long Island), North Carolina, New York (Westchester), western Pennsylvania, Southern California, New York (Long Island), northern California, Maryland, northern California, eastern Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington, western Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New York (Long Island) and northern California.

Its next eight U.S. Open sites are determined. Oakmont, outside Pittsburgh, is the closest to Chicago, in 2025.

The 2003 U.S. Open at Olympia Fields was, let’s be honest, a dud. Jim Furyk bogeyed the final two holes to win by three.

But here’s a thought: What if the course was not to blame? What if the organization setting up the course deserves the spanking?