Column: Support local High School women's sports

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Jun. 23—The growth of High School women's sports across the county, state and nation is something that is providing opportunities for young women everywhere that may not have existed 30, 20 or even 10 years ago.

Sure, this is the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, but that does not mean it was enforced how it should have been from the start.

However, there have been significant strides in not only including women in more sports, but also providing women more opportunities for sports at the High School level.

For example, women's bowling at East Limestone has not only yielded success with the team in between the lanes, making it all the way to the state title game, but is providing young women the opportunity to be part of a team and also a chance for exposure in the news and the community.

Limestone County Sports Hall of Fame inductee Mike Davis, who is credited for starting multiple women's sports programs at the beginning of Title IX for Ardmore High School, said the following at his induction speech a couple weeks ago:

"I wanted to coach girls because they are coachable, they work hard and they believe in themselves."

I have yet to see anything in this county that differs from this statement. There are multiple young women on the High School sports level that provide everything there is to love about sports: passion, compassion, teamwork and hard work.

Girls basketball, volleyball, bowling, softball, soccer, cheerleading, golf, tennis, lacrosse, band, dance and (in some schools) football, among more, all provide an avenue for young women of Limestone County to get involved and show off their athleticism and tactical ability.

It is my belief that if you want to see a pure form of how sports is supposed to be played, go watch a High School women's sports competition.

This is in no way meant to diminish men's sports, which require just as high a degree of talent and intelligence as well.

I encourage Athens-Limestone to show some support to young woman athletes from the High School level on down.

Show support the way Athens rallied around their softball team.

Show support the way East Limestone rallied around their girls soccer team when they made it to the state title game,

Support the East volleyball team when they made it to their state title game.

However, don't only show support when they find success, but show support from the very start of the year onward, regardless of what their record ends up being.