Combining real and virtual access best option for events

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Kitty Lundan
Kitty Lundan

Many in-person events have been put on hold in the last two years due to Covid.

The entertainment industry has lost millions of dollars and still struggles to see the light. Weddings have been postponed, and concerts and events have been canceled. A few months ago, things looked promising as the mask mandates were lifted in most cases.

Americans started back with in-person events, and crowds started gathering once again. Things began to feel normal again despite the division between non-vaccinated and vaccinated people. To make all people feel comfortable, event planners created in person and a virtual option. If you were a person who felt uncomfortable being around people, you could purchase a virtual ticket.

Giving people two options is a win-win situation. The virtual option is the best choice for immune-compromised people who still want to attend an event. Now no one will miss the wedding, graduation, seminar, and even funerals. Event planners limit the number of people who will get in-person tickets, so social distancing can still be enforced. The overflow crowd would have an option to purchase a virtual key.

Hybrid events also open your audience up to more enormous possibilities. The hybrid event puts event planners in a better position in terms of finances. Virtual options lessen the chance of having struggling ticket sales due to the fear of getting sick. Let’s face it most of us prefer in-person events; however, we don’t want to get sick in the process. Now we are faced with battling the Omicron variant, which is reported to be highly contagious.

The movie industry caught on to the power of giving people options. Not all movies, but most are now on a streaming platform when they hit the theatres. People can watch movies from the comfort of their homes while others will still choose the big screen.

With new Covid variants that are most likely to emerge, we must learn how to live through all of them. With the added stress of staying safe, people need to be entertained and still have social outlets. The hybrid event choice gives you control over how you choose to enjoy your entertainment. See you at the movies or maybe online!

Kenya "Kitty Lundan" Madison is a resident of West Palm Beach.

This article originally appeared on Palm Beach Post: Commentary: During pandemic, add virtual option to public events

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