Comedian called 'Islamophobic' after saying she felt 'threatened' by Sikh men on her flight

Jessica ‘Jess Hilarious’ Moore appears at a special hometown screening of ‘REL’ hosted by FOX at on September 6, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo: Larry French/Getty Images for Fox)

Jessica Moore, a comedian who goes by the name Jess Hilarious, is under fire for recent posts claiming she felt “threatened” by four Sikh men boarding the same plane as her. The Rel actress was condemned for her “ignorant” remarks, but defended her feelings in since-deleted videos.

“F*** y’all, I feel how I feel. I felt threatened and that was it. F*** y’all,” she clapped back, adding, “I’m never f***ing racist, but I spotted something, and I put it out earlier and we just got evacuated from our plane.”

It’s unknown why the plane was supposedly evacuated, but in another video Moore claimed the Sikh men were not on the plane when she re-boarded. “So how ironic is it that we boarded the same plane and don’t see those people,” she exclaimed.

The 27-year-old faced intense backlash online as she was labeled “racist af” and “Islamophobic.”

She was also called out for being hypocritical.

Moore later apologized for her comments on her Instagram Story, but said she had nothing to do with getting the men removed from the flight.

“Look y’all I’m not racist and never have I ever been… We have Muslims in my family however I was totally unaware of the different types of Muslim so yes I admit I’m ignorant to the facts so teach me,” she wrote. “I got no one put off the f***ing plane… I didn’t even say s*** to anyone else on the f***in plane about how I felt. Again I’m sorry to all Muslims… deeply sorry.”

Moore has been criticized for derogatory remarks before.

In February, the actress was slammed after calling a fan a “f***ot.” She later apologized saying, “I have NEVER been homophobic in my f***ing life. I love gay people as they love me… to the LGBT community I sincerely apologize. However if I feel disrespected and that someone hit below the belt, whether they are gay or not, I’m going to return the same energy.”

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