Comedian Uncle Roger slams Gordon Ramsay’s Thai papaya salad in new video

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Malaysian British comedian Nigel Ng, better known by his viral persona Uncle Roger, gave a brutal review of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s Thai papaya salad.

Uploaded on Sunday, Roger (@mrnigelng) took time to jokingly review the multi-Michelin starred chef’s version of green papaya salad, quickly gaining over 1.8 million views.

As Ramsay begins preparing the dish’s spicy paste, Roger immediately expresses his disappointment. However, he makes sure to add in sprinkles of self-deprecating humor to the mix.

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“Look at that pestle and mortar: it too new,” the comedian begins. “It look like — it never been pounded before, just like Uncle Roger.”

Roger’s criticisms only increase as Ramsay uses a single chili pepper in the dish.

“Just one?” the comedian asks with a look of disbelief. “For Thai papaya salad, at least use five to 10 chili.”

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“Gordon, when you’re making fried rice you got two wok. You wok f*ckboi,” Roger says. “You have to be chili f*ckboi, also.”

When Ramsay adds in sugar to “soften the blow of the chili,” Roger only seems increasingly flabbergasted.

“It just one chili,” Roger states with a sigh of exasperation. “If you need to soften blow of one chili, just give up. You’re not gonna succeed in life. You’re too weak.”

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With much effort, Ramsay finishes his papaya salad dressing, but Roger expresses his displeasure at the display. Showing a picture of papaya salad dressing, Roger points out the unusual thickness of Ramsay’s dressing.

“This dressing thicker than Lizzo,” the comedian jokes.

Despite Ramsay’s major success in the food industry, this is not the first time Roger has taken time to react to the chef’s cooking videos.

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In Sept. 2021, Roger gave his approval for Ramsay’s fried rice, but reviewed the chef’s steak and ramen in 2022.

Although their “feud” continues, the duo previously met up in January 2022.

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