COMIC BOOKS: Batman: Detective Comics: League of Shadows

Dean Poling, The Valdosta Daily Times, Ga.
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Apr. 3—Batman is painted as a loner.

But there is Robin — actually, a small family of Robins through the years.

And there is his affiliation with the Justice League — partnering with "Super Friends" such as Superman and Wonder Woman.

There is also an extended Batman family of not only Robins and former Robins, but Batgirl, Batwoman, Alfred, the Huntress, his son, etc.

And he's been the leader of groups such as the Outsiders.

So "team Batman" is not out of the ordinary but one may not expect to find the team concept in the title that introduced the Batman to the world more than 80 years ago.

But "Batman: Detective Comics" is very much a team book as penned by James Tynion IV.

In "Rise of the Batmen," the opening story arc of Tynion's "Detective Comics" run, it didn't seem so much like the formation of a team than a gathering of the wagons as a form of security.

Someone was targeting Gotham City's young vigilantes so Batman pulls them together to protect and train them. The group not only becomes a shield but a weapon to strike back at the paramilitary unit hunting them — a unit that uses Batman's techniques and equipment.

But the group continues past the first story arc and becomes the foundation of Tynion's "Detective Comics" run.

In the third collection, "League of Shadows," the Bat-team faces a group linked not only to Ra's al Ghul but to a member of Batman's team. "Shadows" spotlights Bat-team member Orphan.

Some Batman readers may avoid any book that features a Bat-team but Tynion and a group of artists lure readers into this storyline. A reader is deeply involved in a team book before realizing that this "Detective Comics" is, indeed, a team title.