COMIC BOOKS: Dark Nights

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Jul. 3—The Shadow is nearly an obscure character. But even some younger people are familiar with the figure in a dark hat and cloak, a flowing red scarf, sharp eyes and nose, a trail of maniacal laughter and the phrase — "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men ... the Shadow knows."

But the Green Hornet and Kato ... for most older generations, it was a short-lived TV show from the 1960s. Most notably for starring Bruce Lee as Kato, the Green Hornet's sidekick, prior to his shooting to international fame in the movies. ... And a spoof Seth Rogen movie about a decade ago. But it's unlikely younger generations know the Hornet.

Dynamite Comics dared create a miniseries teaming the Shadow and the Green Hornet called "Dark Nights."

The five-issue series is available and collected in one volume.

And know them or not, "Dark Nights" is fast-paced fun.

Writer Michael Uslan digs deep into history from the 1930s. The Shadow, Green Hornet and Kato face Shiwan Khan, the Shadow's arch enemy. Khan has kidnapped President Franklin D. Roosevelt and is ready to harness a weapon to help Adolf Hitler.

The art is straight-forward. The relationship between the Shadow and the Green Hornet is strong and not overpowered by a false battle between the two men before they team up.

For fans of the Shadow and/or the Green Hornet, "Dark Nights" is a great visit with old, familiar characters. "Dark Nights" also serves as a strong introduction to both characters for newcomers.

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