COMIC BOOKS: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith

·1 min read

May 22—Marvel has created some excellent "Star Wars" comics. Some of the best are arguably the "Darth Vader" titles.

But for readers coming late to the "Darth Vader" titles, it's difficult keeping them straight because there are more than a couple of series bearing the "Darth Vader" title. It's especially difficult if seeking the various story arc collections, which have been released as massive 12-issue-plus collections and as smaller five- or six-issue collections.

This particular collection, simply called "Star Wars: Darth Vader" on the cover, adding "Dark Lord of the Sith" on the title page, collects issues 13-25 of the 2017 Vader series and "Darth Vader Annual" No. 2.

This series is set in the years after Anakin Skywalker became Vader and before the action of "Star Wars: A New Hope." Here, Emperor Palpatine makes an example of a world by unleashing the Empire's military might. Vader seeks internal answers on Mustafar, the world where Anakin fell, and he must also manage the politically savvy and ruthless maneuverings of Gov. Wilhuff Tarkin.

"Darth Vader," this series and the others ones are worth untangling and finding. The books are a forceful good time.