COMIC BOOKS: Fantastic Four: The Forever Gate

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May 15—Dan Slott continues finding balance writing about Marvel Comics premier superhero family.

He captures the traditional characteristics that made the Fantastic Four the first and flagship title of Marvel Comics while bringing something new to the 60-year-old superhero team with each story arc.

Here, he continues knocking down long-lived FF trademarks by destroying their former headquarters of the Baxter Building but keeping the action there by the creation of a portal that has the potential to bring in bad guys from multiple dimensions as well as refugees trying to escape them.

Dr. Doom is here but instead of a Doom who harbors an unrequited love for Sue Richards, his arch-rival Reed Richards' wife, he has a deep hate for Sue. In a recent story line, she rendered Doom's mask invisible so his hidden face was revealed to a worldwide audience. Doom was not a happy camper.

Slott keeps the FF family intact while adding new members to it as well as strengthening the roles of others — such as the Richards' son and daughter, Ben Grimm's wife, Alicia, and Johnny Storm's latest love from another galaxy.

It's all fantastic Fantastic Four fun.

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