COMIC BOOKS: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters

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Sep. 17—"Star Wars" comic books are usually just as enjoyable, and in some cases, more enjoyable than "Star Wars" movies and streaming series.

"Star Wars: Bounty Hunters" may not be as enjoyable as some of the films and series but that's probably due to my lack of knowledge about the majority of characters going into this mini-series within the "Star Wars" comics line.

Boba Fett is here, but he's really a supporting character, even though he is the most famous bounty hunter in the "Star Wars" saga.

Basically, Valance and Bossk, two other bounty hunters, joined Fett on a mission years earlier. Things went wrong, after Valance's mentor betrayed them.

Nakano Lash, the mentor, has returned years later and, galaxy-wide, bounty hunters want Lash.

Valance, with the most skin in the game, or lack of skin since he lost half of his face revealing his cyborg skull during the betrayal, wants to be the one to bag Lash.

The bounty hunters go to war to be the one to get the prize.

Ethan Sacks pens an intriguing tale. Paolo Villanelli illustrates action-packed panels.

The characters live in the world of Star Wars, with plenty of familiar reference points. The story is set some time between "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi," as the carbonized trophy of Han Solo on Fett's ship indicates.

But it lacks a certain pizzazz. and the storyline doesn't end with this collection of the "Bounty Hunters" limited series. The story continues.