COMIC BOOKS: Ultimate Galactus: Ultimate Extinction

Dean Poling, The Valdosta Daily Times, Ga.
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Mar. 27—The "Ultimate Galactus" trilogy ends with "Ultimate Extinction."

A stunning bit of storytelling as part of Marvel's "Ultimate" series, which offers a harder-edged revamping of its characters and storylines. Here, the Avengers are called the Ultimates, which set up the entire restructuring of the Marvel Universe into the Ultimate Universe.

"Ultimate Galactus" opened with "Ultimate Nightmare" where the Ultimates and X-Men discover a message had been sent to earth a century earlier, warning of the coming of Gah Lak Tus but the malfunctioning alarm landed in remote Siberia. The Ultimates/X-Men search parties discover it just before the arrival of the devourer of worlds.

Then, "Ultimate Secret" where the Ultimates with help from the young Fantastic Four learn about Galactus and prepare for his arrival. The storyline also introduces the Ultimate version of the Kree warrior Captain Marvel.

With "Ultimate Extinction," it all comes together as Galactus arrives and makes ready to chow down on Earth's energy and resources.

The Ultimates, FF and others battle to stop their home from becoming a cosmic meal.

One thing, anyone looking for the traditional Galactus in towering human form will be disappointed. That iteration of the character may be somewhere, off stage, but Galactus does not appear as a giant humanoid here.

As long as readers know this and remember this is an "Ultimates" take on Galactus, the full trilogy is worth finding and its conclusion is as satisfying as a good meal.