COMICS: Fantastic Four: The Bride of Doom

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Nov. 13—Dan Slott continues his stellar writing run on "Fantastic Four," doing all he can, along with a sharp team of artists, to make the FF true to the hyperbolic claim on the cover: "The World's Greatest Comic Magazine!"

With "The Bride of Doom," Dr. Victor Von Doom plans to take a queen to rule along side him in Latveria. He invites the FF, fellow monarchs T'Challa (Black Panther) of Wakanda and Namor (the Sub-Mariner) of Atlantis, as his wedding guests. Doom promises that any past grudges he holds are forgiven. He even asks arch-enemy Reed "Mr. Fantastic" Richards, the FF leader, to be his best man.

What could go wrong?


And that's only part of the fun of this latest collection from the monthly issues of "Fantastic Four."

In addition to "The Bride of Doom," Reed and Ben "The Thing" Grimm take an interdimensional buddy trip; Johnny "Human Torch" Storm has more troubles with his love interests, both past and present; Sue "The Invisible Woman" Richards is called out for using her powers to spy on her family members; Franklin Richards gets some help for the issues he's been facing with the diminution of his near omnipotent powers; and what's going on with Alicia Grimm?

And this collection includes the special anniversary edition, looking back at 60 years since the introduction of the Fantastic Four, ushering in the Marvel Age of Comics. The issue looks back at the FF origin with a different spin.

For FF fans, who have been following the Slott run or ones looking for a good place to hop aboard, say I do to "The Bride of Doom."