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Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel discuss the 3-1 Carolina Panthers trading a 6th round pick to the New England Patriots for the former Defensive Player of the Year, and shutdown cornerback. In doing so, they not only strengthened their team, but kept Gilmore away from the Buccaneers and Cowboys. Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: The Carolina Panthers today make another big move on the cornerback market. Now, let's not forget they traded for CJ Henderson, former top 10 pick. They acquired him from Jacksonville Jaguars for very little. And now, they have picked up Stephon Gilmore for a sixth round pick from the New England Patriots.

This developed pretty quickly. I guess the trade market wasn't great for Gilmore because he was coming off of an injury. I think teams, given what his salary is. And he's going to continue to play on the current salary. They wanted to see whether or not this guy was healthy.

But I'll tell you what. Matt Rhule, Scott Fitterer-- they're the general manager of the Carolina Panthers-- David Tepper-- they are not playing around with getting this thing turned around. I knew defensively they really wanted to make that the spine of this team and kind of see what happened with Sam Darnold. They draft Jaycee Horn as their number one pick, the cornerback out of South Carolina. Jaycee Horn goes down with a knee injury.

They go, OK, we're just going to go out and acquire a ton of talent. Not only do we go get another top 10 pick in CJ Henderson, but now a former Defensive Player of the Year, who, you know, we'll see if Stephon Gilmore's got anything left in the tank. But jeez, the Carolina Panthers are not sitting back and letting this season get away from him.

DAN WETZEL: Obviously it's the contract that becomes the issue. The sixth round pick. Who the hell cares?


DAN WETZEL: How good is Gilmore? Look, he played 11 games last year. We don't know. He's injured right now. He's 31 years old-- very hard to know. But there is no cornerback market. I mean, Tampa just picked Richard Sherman up off the-- I mean, they gave up 433 yards to Dallas. And a lot of that was rushing. I think it was 245. It was the rushing more than passing. But if you can add a playmaker and another shutdown guy, you're a contender.

CHARLES ROBINSON: There's another thing too. This cuts two ways within the division. Number one, now do you keep them from Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which by the way, they were definitely going to take a look at that. Bruce Arians said we'll kick the tires on anybody. They badly need help at cornerback right now. And Tom knows this guy in terms of his talent.

I don't think it hurts to have a guy who played with Brady in New England who knows him, knows his mentality, been out on the practice field with him, can stand in that room, particularly on a young defense. And you can say, hey, when we run up against Tampa Bay this year in the division-- here's what I can share with you. And then, Oh, the way, we might see this guy in the playoffs. And it's good to have a former Defensive Player of the Year who spent time with Brady.

If you're the Cowboys, doing great. And they-- I think they gave consideration to this but by financially, it really would have hamstrung them. You would have loved to put Stephon Gilmore into that room with Trevon Diggs, be another guy in there so he can lean on, learn from, and play across from in a year where Dallas has-- I think they have to have the motivation to really push for it this year because you never know if you're going to be healthy or what else is going to happen in the future. And the window clearly I think is open for Dallas this year. But if you're the Panthers, you're saying we just played that team.

Yeah, they ran all over us. But part of the problem that we experienced in the passing game-- and Matt Rhule said this afterward when they lost. He said we really packed the box to stop the running game. That didn't work. But not only did that hurt us, we also left our corners out on an island by themselves, which is not something that they normally do.

Well, guess what. If Stephon Gilmore is-- let's say he's even 90% of who he was before. He is an island corner. You can go ahead and leave him out there. And you're going to be just fine.

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