Commanders who defended Azovstal to meet their relatives soon Zelenskyy


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has announced that the commanders who led the defence of Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol will meet with their relatives in Turkey in the near future.

Source: President Zelenskyy’s nightly video address

Quote: "Commanders [who led the defence of – ed.] Azovstal, who are in Turkey, will soon be able to see their relatives. We are working on it.

Also, by the way, the implementation of the plan to help each of those recently released from captivity has already begun. They are receiving priority items of assistance."

Details: The President has explained that medical care is the most important item at the moment: "They all need recovery after what they had to go through in captivity."

The Ombudsman, representatives of the Office of the President, military intelligence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health, and the command of the Medical Forces - all are overseeing this work.


  • As part of a prisoner swap with the Russian occupiers, Ukraine succeeded in freeing 215 Ukrainian defenders on 21 September.

  • Border guards, policemen, marines, national guardsmen, members of the Territorial Defence Forces, customs officers and civilians are also among those released. In particular, Denys "Redis" Prokopenko, Serhii "Volyna" Volynskyi, Sviatoslav Palamar, Denys Shleha, Oleh Khomenko - unit leaders of the defence of Azovstal - were also freed. Also, Mykola "Frost" Kush and Kostyantyn "Fox" Nikitenko, whom the occupiers had wanted to execute, were among the Azov Regiment fighters freed.

  • Five Ukrainian commanders of the Azov Regiment are now in Turkey under personal guarantees of protection and safety by President Erdoğan of Turkey. President Zelenskyy of Ukraine said that they would remain in Turkey until the end of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

  • The Ukrainian businessman and pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, a close ally of Putin’s, and 55 Russian occupiers have been turned over to Russia.

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