Commanders target Bieniemy interviewed for a head-coaching job

While the Washington Commanders have made it no secret they are interested in interviewing Eric Bieeniemy, he made it clear Tuesday that he has interviewed for a head coaching position.

The Kansas City offensive coordinator was the subject of more than a few interviews Tuesday during Super Bowl week in Glendale, Arizona.

Bieniemy himself was being asked about his NFL coaching future as well, Tuesday. At one point, Bieniemy was asked not if he wanted to go elsewhere next season but if he wanted to be back with the Chiefs.

The former Colorado Buffalo running back replied, “Here’s the thing, I’ll have that conversation with Coach Reid at that particular time. … Obviously, I’ve known Coach Reid for damn near half my life. We’ll sit down and have a talk, and we’ll talk about everything.”

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was very insistent that the current Chiefs offensive coordinator, Bieniemy, was “past deserved,” having already proven in Mahomes’ mind he should have been hired by someone to be a head coach.

Washington’s Ron Rivera and Martin Mayhew are said to be interested in Bieniemy for the vacant offensive coordinator position for the Commanders. It remains a tough sell why Bieniemy would leave the hugely successful Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes for a team like Washington, which has not had a winning season since Kirk Cousins was behind center for the Burgundy and Gold.

Bieniemy also made it clear he has interviewed for the Indianapolis Colts head coaching position. So, if a move is in order for Bieniemy, it remains a challenge for some of us to believe he would come to Washington on a lateral move, with no guarantee of a 2024 job, when he could stay with Mahomes or accept a head-coaching position.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire