Comments by certain "experts" on Ukrainian Armed Forces actions should be equated with a sin Defence Ministry

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Anna Maliar, the representative of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, has once again urged so-called "military experts" to be balanced when providing information on the situation at the front.

Source: Maliar on Facebook

Quote from Maliar: "Comments by ‘military experts’ about the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the active phase of the war should be listed as the 11th sin.

A respected journalist and an equally respected former high-ranking military man are talking on air about how to deceive [the Russians] with information.

And giving specific examples of real statements.

For example, if the information provided is that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning a strike on a particular site – and an actual site is named - then in their expert opinion, a strike should be expected somewhere else on another site. And this information, in their opinion, is aimed at making the Russians focus their forces on the wrong site.

The interlocutors demonstrate that they are well aware that information about a counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a certain area (and they name the area) is, in their opinion, an information strategy. And they attempt to discuss to what extent this strategy is justified.

This is an example of direct harm to the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

Details: According to Maliar, this undermines confidence in statements made by Ukraine’s military and political leadership. In her opinion, undermining such trust during the war weakens the process of consolidating society for the sake of victory.

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