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• I’m a registered Republican voter, and Gov. DeSantis has lost my support. While I cannot vote for Charlie Crist for governor based on his policies, I will no longer support Gov. DeSantis because of his political stunt of using our state monies to send migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. If he wants to run for president, that’s fine, but he needs to decide if he wants to govern Florida or be the president.

Gov. Ron DeSantis spent $615,000 in Florida taxpayer money to fly almost 50 migrants to Martha's Vineyard, state records show.
Gov. Ron DeSantis spent $615,000 in Florida taxpayer money to fly almost 50 migrants to Martha's Vineyard, state records show.

• Just wondering, do Florida taxpayers pay the price for DeSantis’ latest inhumane transport of the immigrants? It’s just the most heartbreaking thing that these people don’t know where they’re going, they don’t know why they’re going — they're just being shipped anywhere, and the cities that are receiving them sometimes haven’t even been notified in advance. I just wonder if Florida has ever had a more mean-spirited governor.

• Gov. DeSantis rationalized his political stunt of flying Hispanic refugee families to a Massachusetts resort town saying he was teaching a lesson to a northern sanctuary city. He assumed they would respond with the hate and racism he supports. In fact, the Martha’s Vineyard community provided safe shelters, nutritious meals, health services and child care. Still, DeSantis has no shame, and we should expect more immoral, outrageous behavior.

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• Isn’t it interesting that last week, 1) PBS presented Ken Burn’s Holocaust series highlighting the U.S.’ failure to allow more Jews to escape Nazi atrocities during World War II, and 2) parts of Gainesville got blanketed with pro-Nazi pamphlets. They blamed the Jews for everything ... If there’s any good news in this, it’s the hateful pamphlets were easier to clean up than painted swastikas.

• I’m just so excited that ... President Biden had an inflation reduction celebration party. Our inflation has gone down from 8.4% to 8.3%. What a victory! We can all breathe easier now. We’re on our way to prosperity. We’ll just be taxed a little bit more, and it’ll be great. I’m glad he can celebrate; I just wish I could.

• Republican TV ads complain about inflation, but every Republican senator and representative voted against legislation to reduce inflation. What the GOP does support is Lindsey Graham’s new bill to stop abortions in every state. Graham knows he can count on the votes of our Sen. Rubio and our Rep. Cammack if they are re-elected.

• For the record, I will not vote for Trump if he runs for president again. His personality is just too toxic. Having said that, it seems like most of the policies that President Biden is initiating is just a repeat of what the Trump administration already had accomplished ... No. 1, bringing back semi-conductor manufacturing, as well as other manufacturing, to the U.S. No. 2, getting control of our southern border. No. 3, refunding the police departments nationwide. No. 4, refunding our military after throwing away $80 billion to the Taliban. No. 5, bringing fuel prices down. No. 6, becoming energy independent. No. 7, getting inflation under control.

• Every time someone complains to me about rising food prices, I pose a question to them: Where do you shop for your groceries? People tend to have a habit of going to a certain place and they don’t look elsewhere. This is a huge financial mistake. Prices vary incredibly from store to store.

• Every day people are leaving these left-run, liberal cities because of the high crime and just horrible things happening, and they’re coming to the rural areas in the south. That’s what happened to Gainesville. It has turned into a far-left-leaning city, and I am so thankful that I don’t live in Gainesville.

• Amtrak Joe Biden, our amazing president, I wish I could put my arms around him and give him the biggest hug! You did the impossible, our president, and, here in our neighborhood, we are so excited you made the workers of our railroads so happy ... Fourteen percent wage increase and five lump payments of $1,000 yearly — nice!

• One of the first things a leader learns is [to] set an example for people to follow. Biden flying to Delaware from the White House on Air Force One left a large carbon footprint. Having his car flown to England because he does not want to ride the bus like the other heads of state sets an example of a large carbon footprint.

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