Commissioners to address public safety bio-solids issue

Feb. 11—The Johnson County Commissioners Court will hold a called meeting at 9 a.m. Friday in the Johnson County Courthouse to discuss the land application of bio-solids in and around the Grandview area.

Commissioners released a notice of the meeting on Tuesday.

"Inn the interest of public safety, the Johnson County Commissioners Court will conduct a public meeting on Friday," the notice reads. "To present the findings from a 10-month investigation concerning the land application of bio-solids near Grandview in Johnson County.

"If you are concerned abut the use of bio-solids anywhere in Johnson County, you should attend this meeting."

The meeting will also be broadcast on the county's website, and archived for subsequent viewing, for those unable to attend.

"This is an important issue affecting our county and I urge residents to attend or watch online," Commissioner Larry Woolley said. "I can't go into too much more detail right now because the language of the meeting notice is the only thing that's been approved by our county attorney so far. All of the discussion we've had on the matter up to this point has taken place in executive session.

"But we will have more discussion and information on this important issue during the upcoming meeting."

Commissioner Rick Bailey said he also cannot go into detail on the matter at this time.

"Let me just say that a situation has developed in the county that needs immediate addressing and is the result of ongoing investigations," Bailey said. "This involves safety concerns about our county, citizens and property rights. I expect that there will be a number of concerned residents and professionals at the meeting."

Grandview resident Sandra Neeley joined commissioners in urging residents to attend or watch the meeting.

"Pardon the pun, but it's a big stink and it shouldn't be allowed to continue," Neeley said. "I plan to attend because I have records going back to 2007 concerning this issue."