Commissioners approve county employee bonus proposal

Nov. 15—ANDERSON — The Madison County commissioners have approved a plan to provide employees with a bonus using American Rescue Plan funds.

The commissioners Tuesday voted to adopt a three-tier system to pay the employees the bonus.

It was also decided to take the estimated $2.5 million from restricted funds using the U.S. Treasurer guidelines.

The county's Leadership Team last week voted to change the potential distribution formula to more accurately reflect hours worked by employees.

As recommended by the commissioners, all full-time employees would have received a $3,000 bonus and part-time employees $1,000. Elected officials are not eligible for the bonus.

Councilman Anthony Emery last week made the motion to go to a three-tier system for the payment of the bonus. Employees that work up to 28 hours per week would receive $1,000; those working 29 to 39 hours would receive $2,000; employees working 40 hours or more would be paid $3,000.

The Leadership Team had discussed paying the bonus from the $10 million in unrestricted funds set aside by the county or from the restricted funds.

Commissioner John Richwine said paying the bonus from the restricted funds leaves the county with the $10 million set aside as unrestricted for use on other projects, including the planned new Madison County jail.

The Madison County Council has to vote on the recommendations made by the commissioners.

The commissioners approved the request of Jenny Chambers, the director of the 911 Central Dispatch Center, to change the work schedule for dispatchers.

The approved change will have the dispatchers working three 12-hour shifts.

Chambers said the dispatchers will be working in rotating shifts of three days working and three days off.

She said it would result in a savings in overtime costs for the Dispatch Center and improve morale among the employees.

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