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May 11—POMFRET — Common Sense Payroll may be small, but its use of sophisticated technology allows it to compete with the " big boys," according to owner Dayna Flath.

" We have all of the technology of a large company. Basically, we're like the big boys," said Flath, who took over the local business from her father, David Flath, in 2006.

Common Sense Payroll is a small, local, family- owned payroll processing company, which has been serving northeastern Connecticut for more than 20 years.

It is equipped with servers that are backed up locally and off-site and standby generators, according to Flath.

" So we never have to lose power. Even when we've had these storms the last few years, we've never not gotten someone paid. Sometimes we have to be a little creative, but we have everything to make sure we function, regardless of what happens," she said.

The business takes pride in its excellent customer service and promptness to help its clients, according to Flath.

And almost all of Flath's clients are gained through referrals, she explained.

" We have all the services, in general from a payroll perspective that an ADP Payroll or a Paychex has but you get a human being 98 percent of the time you call our office," she said. " You don't have sales reps bothering you, we just do your payroll and do it well and help you as much as we can when you ask for help."

Businesses as small as just a single employee to large corporations take advantage of the services at Common Sense Payroll, according to Flath.

" We love clients with five to 10 employees, she said. " If you were thinking that you'd love to have someone do your payroll but you didn't think you could do it or it would be too expensive, it's not really true. We are very reasonable."

Common Sense Payroll's software vendors keep Flath and her employees up to date on all the legislative changes, which seemed to be ever- changing in the height of the pandemic, she said.

Flath worked hard to make sure her clients were getting all the correct information during the pandemic.

" We excel at payroll so you can excel at your business. So, it just takes the worry out of it because there are just so many changes and legislation changes and tax law changes," Flath said.

" Our software companies are the experts who stay on top of the changes. We implement it and make sure our clients get all set up."

For local businesses, Common Sense Payroll sends out its courier three days a week to deliver payrolls.

"And we do try to move as many (clients) as we can to online, so the employees can get direct deposit and get their pay stubs online and the employers can get their reports online," Flath said.

Common Sense Payroll is currently accepting new clients.

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