Community advocates denounce violent attacks on Asians

While assaults on people of Asian descent have risen in New York City, there has also been an increase in support from the community against the targeted crimes.

Video Transcript

- We will not tolerate anybody in our communities being assaulted, disrespected, because of whatever form of racism those individuals might have in their system, or in their bodies. Not too long ago, a couple of days ago, a young lady was assaulted just standing not far from here, at a bakery. Assaulted as a New Yorker, just standing there doing a New York thing is not to be tolerated by individuals who are coming out here to hurt them.

We're all in agreeance with the understanding that we do not support, in any shape, form, or fashion, any kind of violence in our community. The violence in New York City is at an all time high. If you're not getting assaulted on the subways, you're getting assaulted standing on the line just to get bakeries. This has to stop. And we're all coming together to say that we need to unify. We need to make sure that we're all culturally sensitive and understanding of what each community is about by bringing all of us together.

Where's our leadership to do that? We have folks that we've elected into office to say to them, clearly, we need you to stand up to make sure that all New Yorkers are standing together, respectfully, and understanding of each other's culture, and respecting each other for who they are and what they represent. And that's what New York is about.

I'm joined here by several people, and I'll start by having my co-partner who helped put this together, Mr. Phil Wong, out of the community, and basically, have him make some introductions, and we're going to hear from a couple of people. Because we're all feeling the same way. We don't want our police forces defunded so that way, we can get these individuals off the street. We have to make sure that they identify with bail reform. Bail reform is good, but there's problems with it. It has to be tweaked. We're letting folks commit crimes, and they're getting a pass to get out of the jail before the ink is even dry on the complaints, only to come back out and hurt somebody else. That has to stop.

So we're saying to New York legislators, we're saying to New York City council, we're saying to the mayor, get on your job, protect New Yorkers so that we can walk down these streets and feel safe.