‘The world is a better place because of her;’ Community celebrates life of Julia Reichert

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The community came together to celebrate the life of Julia Reichert Saturday.

The Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker died last year from cancer.

Her alma mater, Antioch College, welcomed people Saturday afternoon to honor her memory

It was an emotional night as people told stories about the filmmaker, including her grandson who talked about Reichert’s love of blues music.

Reichert was described as a filmmaker who asked herself “What type of world do we want to live in?”

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Her films dealt with gender, class, race and the economy.

Just a few years ago her documentary “American Factory” won an Oscar.

Bobby Allen was in this documentary and said he will be forever grateful for Reichert telling his story.

“I would like people to remember Julia as a person who brings people in and tells their story and that’s what she did for all the documentaries that she did,” Allen said.

Linda Marshall grew up in the 1950s and said Reichert’s 1971 film “Growing up Female” changed her life.

“Growing Up Female” focused on the socialization of women through the lives of six women and girls ages 4 to 35.

Marshall said she was shown the film at a time in her life when she felt “inadequate as a woman.”

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“I came alive in my life because of that film,” Marshall said.

She said she attended Reichert’s celebration of life to honor the work she has done, especially in regard to social justice.

“She dealt with really difficult topics in a really heartfelt, straightforward way that wasn’t always popular but a message that needs to be heard. For her courage and her great talent,” Marshall said.

Reichert was 76 years old.