Community clean-up for Bolivia’s Valley of the Souls

Bolivia’s famed Valley of the Souls is getting a clean-up

Hundreds of volunteers came together to clear the tourist attraction

which has been littered with garbage from years of nearby urban sprawl

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST WITH THE ACTIVISTAS RECREANDO (RECREATING ACTIVISTS) ORGANIZATION, CAROLA REJAS, SAYING: "It is incredible that we can find amid all these piles of rubble and garbage jewels like this painting, and we are surprised and ask what is going on with nature. It is a tourist place where many people come. The Valley of the Souls is very special and many people have gathered together here to be a voice for nature and to give it the care and respect it deserves."

The clean-up is part of a wider push

to spruce up Bolivia's scenic spots and waterways

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) FRENCH INFLUENCER, ALEX DESSARD, SAYING:"These cleans-ups are important and we must continue with them because there is a great movement throughout the country, several organizations in each department, that do pick-ups every week. We have to continue until there is no place left that has garbage."

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