Community Comes Together To Clean Up Street In The Bronx

Police and community members came together in the Bronx on Thursday to make positive changes in one neighborhood.

Video Transcript

- Police and community members came together today to make some positive changes in a Bronx neighborhood. They cleaned up graffiti and sidewalks on Briggs Avenue in the Fordham Manor section. The NYPD chose the area from Kingsbridge to 194th street because officers say there's been a lot of violence along those blocks. The police department hopes the cleanup does more than just make it look nicer.

CRYSTAL REVERON: This is one of the highest crime areas in our precinct, and we figure that, if a neighborhood is clean, you look good. You feel good. And you'll do better in your neighborhood.

- The One Block at a Time Coalition just began, but it plans to tackle other blocks as well.