Community helps Highland cops bring end to rash of burglaries, put to in custody

A recent rash of burglaries has ended with the arrest of two juvenile suspects, according to Highland Police.

Chief Carole Presson announced that two suspects were identified with the community’s help and have been charged with six counts of burglary and one count of criminal damage to property each.

The burglaries took place Sunday night. Presson said that she chose not to identify the defendants because of their age.

“Young people were stealing change and items of low value from cars in and around Sixth Street,” she said.

Somestolen items have been recovered, but ownership hasn’t been determined yet, Presson said. Highland Police are contacting people who reported burglaries.

“We want to thank the community for their help,” Presson said. “The subjects were quickly identified and brought to justice by providing investigators access to property cameras and by giving witness accounts.”

Presson reminded residents to secure their vehicles every night and remove any property of value from parked vehicles.

“This is the first stage in prevention,” she said. “Together we will keep our community safe.”