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Community Says Goodbye To Police Chief Who Died While Serving

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About a year ago a local community was shaken by the sudden death of their police chief who died while serving his community. KDKA's Royce Jones has more on how a community finally came together to say goodbye.

Video Transcript

- About a year ago, a local community was shaken by the sudden death of their police chief, who died while serving his community. And as Royce Jones reports, today, that community came together to pay the respects he never received because of the pandemic. Royce?

ROYCE JONES: Well, here outside the Aliquippa Police Department, flags have been flying at half staff, recognizing both fallen officers from across the country and here closer to home.


A standing salute, as family, neighbors, local leaders, Aliquippa police, and surrounding departments observed the first anniversary of Aliquippa Police Chief Robert Sealock's death.

DONNA SEALOCK: Everything's a day at a time. There's really no true healing. It's just the comfort you get from knowing where they are, and where you will be joining them at some point.

ROYCE JONES: Some held back tears as they remembered his legacy. A man with a unique sense of humor, community, and compassion.

DWAN WALKER: He put the time in, and he spelled time L-O-V-E. He showed how he loved it. He was-- he knew everybody, he talked to anybody. That's a good officer when you can get out your car and talk to people.

JOHN LANE: I learned that just treat everybody fair, everybody equal. Give everybody. A chance.

ROYCE JONES: Chief Sealock served in the United States Navy before dedicating more than two decades to the police force. He was only 49 when he passed away just last April from injuries he suffered while responding to an incident. Memories of his heroism and valor will be ingrained in this community forever.

And now, they're also written in stone, as this new memorial adorning the front entrance of police headquarters was unveiled today.

DONNA SEALOCK: Think of some of those fun, happy thoughts of Rob, and say a little prayer for him. And smile, because that's how he would want everyone to think of him.

ROYCE JONES: And another memorial was dedicated here for fallen Patrolman Jimmy Naim, who was shot and killed back in 2001. I'm told a memorial service will be held here annually for both officers. I'm Royce Jones, KDKA News.