Company drops plans for solar project in Nevada

Chinese-backed company drops plans for major solar project near Laughlin, Nev.

LAUGHLIN, Nev. (AP) -- A Chinese-backed company is dropping plans for a major solar project near the Colorado River resort town of Laughlin, Nev.

ENN Mojave Energy LLC has informed Clark County officials that it's terminating its agreement to purchase 9,000 acres after it was unable to find customers for the power that would have been generated there.

The company, a subsidiary of ENN Group, says it was unable to sign the necessary power purchase agreements to sell the energy to utilities in Nevada or neighboring states.

The company had planned to first build a solar panel factory, then a solar energy plant 90 miles south of Las Vegas that would have generated enough energy for 200,000 homes.

County officials had hailed the project with a price tag of up to $6 billion, saying it would have created up to 2,200 permanent jobs when completed and provided a boost to the economy.