Company Plans About 185 Layoffs In Stamford By End 2020

RJ Scofield
·1 min read

STAMFORD, CT — Genpact, a global professional services firm, has indicated approximately 185 employees in Stamford are expected to be permanently laid off on Dec. 31.

According to Stamford Economic Development Director Thomas Madden, the firm announced a strategic partnership with Bridgewater Associates in January 2019, in which Genpact would manage a suite of Bridgewater's corporate shared service functions.

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In a letter sent to the state labor department late last month, company spokesperson Richard Sutton said the expected layoffs were due to "material revisions to one client contract." As a result, employees of the company aligned to this client are expected to be "permanently laid off from the company's workforce."

Madden further clarified the situation, noting the expected layoffs were not unusual.

"The layoffs are a normal part of contracting between businesses,' Madden said. "When project dynamics change, you will see layoffs of employees associated with the project."

The company's office space, located at 2200 Atlantic Street, currently has a majority of its employees working from home, and remaining employees at this location are expected to continue to do so, Madden said.

"The city continues to see a shifting business environment due to impacts from [the coronavirus]," Madden said.

According to the letter, the affected employees are not represented by a labor organization and have all been individually notified.

A spokesperson for Genpact said the company does not comment on client engagements, however they were "committed to ensuring everyone is treated fairly and respectfully."

This article originally appeared on the Stamford Patch