Company unveils floating city for the world after climate change

Oceanix could withstand the worst that climate change can do (Oceanix)
Oceanix could withstand the worst that climate change can do (Oceanix)

A company has unveiled what might be the future of human life on Earth – a floating city which could survive the worst climate change might throw at us.

Oceanix says its planned city would also be able to produce its own food and energy while bobbing on the ocean, at a roundtable discussion held by the United Nations Human Settlement Program.

Marc Collins, Oceanix CEO said, ‘Everybody on the team actually wants to get this built. We’re not just theorising.

The floating city would be a collection of hexagonal residents, each of which would hold up to 300 people, with a ‘city’ formed of 10,000 people.

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The cities would use aquaponics and vertical farming to grow food, and would be anchored using a material called Biorock, which is harder than concrete.

Oceanix said, ‘As coastal cities struggle to cope with rapid population growth, many simply pour sand into the ocean to create new land.

‘Unfettered coastal urbanization is destroying millions of hectares of the ocean and marine life; close to 50 percent of people in the world live in coastal areas.

‘The rising sea and climate change are compounding the problem. … We believe humanity can live in harmony with life below water.’

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