After Complaints Go Public, NCAA Fixes Women's Weight Room

Social media posts showing the disparity between the men's and women's amenities at their respective basketball tournaments forces upgrade.

Video Transcript

SEDONA PRINCE: Guess what, guys? We got a weight room! Yeah!

JOHANNAH GRENAWAY: The NCAA has brought in more equipment for the Women's Basketball Championship in San Antonio after social media posts went viral.

SEDONA PRINCE: If you aren't upset about this problem, then you're a part of it.

JOHANNAH GRENAWAY: Sedona Prince, who plays for the Oregon Ducks, shared this video showing the men's makeshift weight room compared to just one set of dumbbells for the women's teams. Many people criticized the NCAA for the disparity. On Saturday, Prince shared an update and showed the improved setup for the women's teams.

SEDONA PRINCE: We got a ton more dumbbells. Look at that. Look at all these racks for squats and whatever you want to do. We got a bunch of bands. Look at this, guys! And we got some equipment!

JOHANNAH GRENAWAY: She thanked everyone on social media for the support and the NCAA for listening to their concerns.