Can you complete our 2023 Gasparilla bingo card?

Gasparilla is nothing if not consistent. “Predictable” should not be the word for hundreds of thousands of revelers in boned corsets and velvet breeches drinking suspicious punch from Yeti coolers at 8 a.m. And yet, here we are, ready for the familiar scene at Tampa’s pirate invasion and parade on Saturday.

The beads! The canons! The kidnapping of the mayor! The horror of seeing your child’s orthodontist passed out on a mansion lawn! This surreal tradition has popped off since 1904, evolving from a folklore-inspired parade into the monied, corporate Seminole Hard Rock Gasparilla Pirate Fest of today.

Tampa’s most iconic event calls for an old-fashioned bingo card. Take this on the parade route and challenge your friends. Loser has to recycle all the beads.

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