Compton to start guaranteed income pilot program

The city of Compton, California will give monthly cash payments to hundreds of its low-income residents starting at the end of this year. (Oct. 23)

Video Transcript

JAMARAH HAYNER: What we're looking to do with the Compton Pledge is provide families with a predictable, supportive income over a two-year period to help several hundred families just get through month to month. You actually have a lot of assistance programs that are leaving people behind, whether that is because of their immigration status, because they're transitioning out of incarceration, or any number of other unique situations. And that's leaving out major portions of our communities. Another thing that's really important to know about this program is there's no taxpayer dollars going to this. This is entirely privately funded.

CRISTIAN GUILLEN: I just believe, like, the families who can't make rent, this would be a big blessing, a big, major blessing to the city of Compton.

SHAWN HENSON: Aw, man, I think it's awesome, man. We definitely need it, man. A lot of people really suffered during this pandemic.