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I started to wear these actually cute compression socks when flying, and now I won’t go to the airport without them

When it comes to flying, I have a tight list of five must-have travel essentials: a pack of gum, Weleda Skin Food, hand sanitizer, headphones and sunscreen. I never thought I needed to add anything else to list. But then I fractured my ankle, so my physical therapist recommended I wear compression socks for flying. And now you’ll never catch me flying without them.

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Like most people, I immediately cringed, thinking about buying compression socks. I mean, they’re ugly and for grandmas, long-distance runners and nurses who stand on their feet all day. But I wanted to be a good patient, so I got the compression socks. Plus, I’ve seen influencers on TikTok say that they always wear compression socks when they travel to prevent any leg fatigue.

After some intense research, I decided to buy the actually cute Comrad Combed Cotton Crew Compression Socks with Targeted Arch Compression. I loved the mid-calf length and the targeted arch compression because I have flat feet.

You can also grab this pack of three compression socks in a variety of colors. 

$25 at Amazon

Basically, compression socks are designed to gently squeeze your ankles and calves to help stimulate better blood circulation. And when you’re sitting down on a long-haul flight for hours, your blood circulation is trash.

You know that feeling after you get off a flight, and your body is so achy, and it feels like your legs are weighted bricks stacked on top of one another? Yeah, it sucks. But after I first wore the Comrad Compression Socks on a six-hour flight from New York City to L.A., I almost cried at how energized and actually normal my legs felt.

While the Comrad Compression Socks are truly the best thing to poof into my life, more than $30 is kind of pricey for a pair of socks — even if they are special socks. So, scroll below for even more top-rated compression socks on Amazon to check out.

This number one selling set of compression socks currently boasts a 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 75,000 reviews — so you know they're good. Plus, eight pairs for $25 is a pretty unreal deal.

They come in 33 different colors and patterns, including the super fun one above. Of course, the set of compression socks also comes in your classic colors like black, white, beige, navy, etc., etc.

$25 at Amazon

Compression socks are also excellent when it comes to running and walking, but you don't always want to wear the classic knee-high pairs. This set of ankle compression socks is a great option.

$20 at Amazon

While you only get one pair of compression socks here compared to other options, it is Dr. Scholl's. So, like, definitely the most trustworthy brand.

$8 at Walmart

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