COVID cases rise in 21 states, AstraZeneca vaccine 79% effective

The TSA said that on last Friday alone, nearly a million and a half travelers passed through US airports.

Video Transcript

- Overnight, massive spring break crowds back on the streets of Miami Beach. Dancing on cars, few masks, and no social distancing. SWAT teams using pepper balls to try to contain the chaos.


- (ON MEGAPHONE) There's a curfew in effect. You need to disperse and leave the area.

- Skip that curfew. We out here.


We out here. No sleep.

- A state of emergency now in effect, authorities arresting more than 1,000 people since February 3rd, when vacationers started arriving in large numbers. More than 50% of those arrested so far, not even from Florida.

- Trouble even sleeping at night worrying about what's going to happen in the city.

- Sunday, nearly 4,000 new coronavirus infections reported in the state. Internal government documents show out of all metro areas in the country, last week, Miami saw the highest coronavirus positivity rate. The state also leading in cases of the highly contagious UK and Brazilian variants of the virus.

- What we're going to see is people get infected, pick up the infection from each other, and then spread it across the country and possibly around the world.

- Nationwide, 15 states seeing a surge in coronavirus cases. In Michigan, a 92% spike in the last two weeks. And now, a new warning. A mutation of the virus in New York City could reinfect people already vaccinated. The US is now averaging 2 and a half million shots a day. More than 81 million Americans receiving at least one dose.

- Taking care of my 98-year-old blind grandfather so it's kind of important to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

- And despite that, many Americans are still hesitant about getting the shot. The CDC now being urged to launch a campaign to combat that.